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Transformed Lives - Lewis Chambers

I would like to share with you a story of how God transformed the life of someone within our church.

In 2008 our church built a new sanctuary.  In order to save money, some members within our church family did some of the labor.  The labor that they provided was laying ceramic tile throughout the concourse area and the bathrooms.  This was a huge job but one that our people were eager to tackle.

One of the ladies within our church named Elizabeth Chambers was willing to volunteer her time and effort at laying the tiles.  Her husband Lewis had never attended church before, but he came along with her and helped with the tile work.  As he worked on the tiles, he started to build relationships with several of the retired members of our church who were helping.  These men simply modeled the love of Christ in front of Lewis.  God was beginning to tear down the walls in Lewis’ life that had kept him out of church all of these years.

When we celebrated the grand-opening of our new building in December of 2008, Lewis came to church with Libby.  His children said that as far as they knew it was the first time they could remember him being in a worship service.  Lewis continued to attend Enon Baptist church throughout the winter, spring, and early summer.

In August of 2009 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Over the course of the past ten months, he has endured chemotherapy and numerous surgeries.  However, through these experiences, Lewis prayed to receive Christ.  According to the doctors, he only has a few more weeks to live.  However, we know that this is not his eternal home and that he will soon be walking not on the ceramic tiles…but on the streets of gold.

I know that I have omitted some details of this story but I think that it beautifully demonstrates how God can use the construction of a new sanctuary, laying ceramic tiles, building relationships, and cancer to transform someone’s life.

Story Submitted by Doug Echols
Enon Baptist Church in Chester
Central-East Region