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Week of Prayer for Haiti

On Friday, August 10, 2012 a team of volunteers from Centreville Baptist Church (CBC) and across Virginia were scheduled to travel to Haiti to continue work on our Church Construction and Ministry Projects. Unfortunately this trip was postponed indefinitely because of the ever-changing ground situation in Haiti. We encourage you to continue to pray for God’s work in Haiti and our partner churches this week since our team will not be able to be with them in person this week.

Week of Prayer for Haiti:
August 12th -18th

Sunday, August 12th  – Ground Situation in Haiti
• Stability within the Haitian government & that they will be able to provide basic services to their people (policemen, hospitals, better economic opportunities)
• Safety of American workers and Missionaries in Haiti

Monday, August 13th – Pastor Destin’s health and his family
• Pray that Pastor Destin of Philadelphie Baptiste Church is able to follow the nutritional recommendations prescribed by his doctors given the limitations on food/diet in Haiti
• Pray for his family, that they would support him and continue to walk with the Lord.

Tuesday, August 14th – Pastor Destin’s Vision for the church/community
• Pastor Destin has asked us to pray for the following items
o Completion of the Church building at Canaan
o Future partnership with the church to help provide access to Bibles, Medical Clinics, schooling, and safe water

Wednesday, August 15th – Church Building – God’s guidance, direction, funds for ministry & construction.
• Members of Philadelphie Baptiste Church at Canaan, that they continue to give sacrificially to the project
• Funding and Material

Thursday, August 16th – Haitian Team Members
• Support Staff in Canaan and Sainte Marc (Transportation, Security, Translators, Construction Workers) God will continue to provide them with work so that they may support their families.
• Wisdom for Pastor Fritz Albert and the leadership of the 200+ churches he oversees in the greater Saint Marc area
• That they would be encouraged by future teams from Virginia travelling to Haiti and our commitment to them.

Friday, August 17th – Wisdom for Leadership of SBCV& CBC, Volunteers for Construction and Ministry Projects
• Wisdom for our Pastors and Staff at CBC as they discern how to continue to support Haiti and our other missions’ projects
• Wisdom for the leaders of SBCV and their commitment to international missions
• Giving Thanks for those who have traveled to Haiti already and that He will raise up more volunteers from CBC and SBCV to continue the work

Saturday, August 18th – Spiritual Health of Haiti
• The hearts of the Haitian people will be open and receptive to the gospel
• Churches continue to grow and reach their communities
• Churches will continue to encourage the discipleship of new believers

Please join us for our Prayer Walk to wrap up the week of prayer for Haiti!
What: Prayer Walk
Where: Fellowship Hall-Centreville Baptist Church
Time: 12:15 pm
When: Sunday, August 19th

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