Strong churches with a bold commitment to the Great Commission

SBC of Virginia Staff

(Listed Alphabetically)

Jack Noble

Director of Disaster Relief; Regional Missionary | Southside

(540) 521-6423  |

Randy Nunn

Accounting Team Leader | Statewide

Brandon Pickett

Director of Mobilization & Communications | Statewide

Sherry Pinkard

Accounting Bookkeeper | Statewide

Bobby Puffenburger

Graphic Specialist | Statewide

Kevin Quealy

IT Team Leader | Statewide

Chris Riddick

Marketing Director, IFR | Statewide

Sue Sawyer

Associate Church Mobilization Strategist, Mission Projects | Statewide

(804) 539-3097  |

Bill Schwartz

Special Assistant to the Director of Ministry Support | Statewide

Patti Spencer

Graphic Designer, IFR | Statewide

Steve Swisher

Associate Church Planting Strategist | Statewide

Josh Turner

Associate Church Planting Strategist | Statewide

Eddie Urbine

Director of Ministry Support & Treasurer | Statewide

Tami Walker

Executive Director's Assistant | Statewide

Sonja Ware

Administrative Assistant to the Church Planting Team | Statewide

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