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The Acts 1:8 Network is a missions-oriented ministry of the SBC of Virginia. It connects churches and individuals based on reaching specific affinities. It was developed by the Mobilizing Churches team of the SBC of Virginia.


The Acts 1:8 Network helps people find each other.

Churches are on mission all around the world. Many of them are ministering in the same regions and reaching similar people, but most aren’t aware of all the other churches who might be working nearby. Wouldn’t it be great if they all had an easy way to find each other and connect?

Through the Acts 1:8 Network, churches can learn about who else feels the Lord’s calling to reach their target people groups. They can meet each other, pray for each other, and pool their experience and resources for greater Kingdom impact.


Churches that have established missions ministry

  • The Acts 1:8 Network helps churches that already have established ministry connect with others who are also working or looking to begin work in the same areas.

Churches that are interested in beginning missions ministry

  • The Acts 1:8 Network is a fantastic place for churches that are new to missions to connect with experienced churches.

Individuals, couples, and families interested in missions

  • Perhaps only a few of your church members feel called to missions in a particular part of the world. Through the Acts 1:8 Network, they can connect with churches that are actively ministering in those areas. Many SBC of Virginia churches have even agreed to include members of other SBC of Virginia churches in their missions teams.


The Acts 1:8 Network is organized into smaller networks that each focus on an individual people group, affinity, or geographic region. Churches can be a part of more than one of these smaller networks if they are ministering in more than one of these areas. More networks are being added regularly as new ministries appear.


Ready to become an Acts 1:8 Network church? That’s great! First, however, there are a couple of things you should know.

The Acts 1:8 Network is not designed to be just another program or ministry model. The goal of this Network is for your church to become a worldwide mission center, engaging in the intentional kingdom growing efforts in “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth.”

Joining the Acts 1:8 Network is easy, but it does require commitment.

four steps to becoming an Acts 1:8 Network church:


Once you have determined where God is calling you to serve, register as an Acts 1:8 Network church. If you are serving in or are called to multiple areas of missions, you can register in several networks.

Register online or download the registration form, complete it, and mail it to the SBC of Virginia offices.



Create a team.

It’s crucial that you establish a gifted and effective leadership team to guide your efforts. Whether you’ve had a mission committee or team in place for years or are just starting out, this is a good time to carefully evaluate, organize, energize, and focus toward building a team that embraces the Acts 1:8 Network. These mission leadership teams have different titles from church to church, but they all share a heart for reaching the world.

Champion the cause.

Your catalytic mission leadership will set the pace and lead the entire church toward greater worldwide impact. Because of this, it’s vitally important that your senior pastor be on-board with the vision. In a very real sense, the pastor is the primary leader, cheerleader, initiator, and instigator in the missionary focus of the church. The most effective churches in establishing a comprehensive, worldwide mission impact are those in which the senior pastor champions the cause.


A fervent, focused season of prayer for God’s vision and leadership is essential for all those involved in embracing the Acts 1:8 Network. Mission leaders must be active seekers of the Holy Spirit’s guidance as they discern how to lead their church to be fully involved in God’s history-long, worldwide mission and as they determine where God is calling the church.

After building your team, take time to seek the Lord and His direction.


Once you discern the Lord’s leading, the next step is to learn (and help your church members learn) about the nation or people group that He has called you to serve. There are many online resources available to help with this part of the process. The following are just a few:

You may want to consider the following suggestions:
  • If your church has a website, feature links to the Acts 1:8 Network partner sites. If you do not have a website, periodically include a list of these sites in your church bulletin or newsletter.
  • Plan commissioning services as a tool to help church members become aware of mission needs and how your church is meeting those needs.
  • Enlist mission volunteers to share testimonies and reports after they have participated in mission experiences—as individuals or as part of a group or team.
  • Encourage your church members to visit missionaries and ministry sites when they travel for business or pleasure. Encourage them to take photos and share their observations.
  • Conduct a church-wide mission fair, mission conference, or mission celebration to highlight the work being done in all four mission fields.
  • Participate in church or SBC of Virginia mission awareness events such as On Mission Celebrations (OMC). For more information, contact your state convention’s OMC coordinator or visit

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