Annual Homecoming 2018


November 11-13





International Mission Board


Senior Pastor
Franklin Avenue Baptist Church


Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary


Co-Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Professor of Divinity

Liberty University


Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church,
President, SBC of Virginia


Disaster Relief
What to do When Disaster Happens to You

Speakers: Mark Gauthier, Bradley Mullinax, Brad Childres, and Tim Grandstaff

When disaster strikes your community, how do you and our church respond? This panel discussion will tackle what worked well during the Virginia tornadoes and the pitfalls to avoid.

Church Planting
Church Planting Partnerships

Speakers: SBC of Virginia Church Planting Team

Come learn proven partnering church methods that have resulted in planting healthy new churches that are making a difference in their community with the Gospel. These methods can assist your church in creating a plan that is mutually beneficial for your church plant and for your church as well!

Men’s Ministry
Discipling Men: Force Multiplier

Speaker: Mike Young

The spiritual health of men directly impacts marriages, families, and churches. Every aspect of Kingdom ministry, in and through your church, will improve as you disciple men. Learn how to develop and deploy a strategic plan to help your men walk faithfully with Jesus and lead well.

Pathway to Missions
Leading Your Church on Mission in the Ever-Changing Global Landscape

Speaker: Terry Sharp

The landscape of global missions has undergone tremendous change, but the opportunities for you and your church are limitless. Come learn about Limitless Pathways, how your church plays a vital role in global missions, and how the old and the new work together to reach the world for Christ.

Pathway to Missions
Pathway to Missions Roundtable Discussion

Speaker: Terry Sharp

Are you a retiree, a student, a businessman…or are you a Pastor or missions leader with some of these people in your church? Come join us for a roundtable discussion of how you can send and be sent to the nations through Limitless Pathways.

Great Commission
Building a Culture of Missions

Speaker: Danny Akin

The Great Commission was the final marching orders of Jesus. That commission should be the priority of the Church until Christ comes again.

Children’s Ministry
Teaching Missions to Children

Speaker: Kelly Little

Help your kids grow in their love for the nations and lead them to discover their role in God’s global mission with these practical tips and easy-to-use resources. We all have a part to play in sharing the Gospel with people here and all over the world.

Children’s Ministry
Including Every Child in Your Children’s Ministry

Speaker: Kelly Cahoon

A healthy children’s ministry is key to a growing church, but are we doing all we can to include ALL of the little children in our churches? Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matthew 9:14). What can your church do to start a special needs ministry and how will it look in the local church? Can you imagine the impact we could make if we all reach out to the special needs families in our communities? We can show families who have children with special needs they are not alone.

Ministering to Women
Ministering to Women in Crisis

Speaker: Micah Maddox

Trauma strikes when we least expect it. Learn to effectively encourage, guide, and support the women you lead whether you are in crisis or they are. We need each other.

Six Identities of an Effective Student Pastor

Speaker: Ben Trublood

As a student pastor or ministry leader you are forced to step into many different identities as you lead. In this breakout you will discover the six that truly matter, how they impact your role right now, and how to develop the ones that are lagging behind.

Church Security
What to do Before it Happens

Speaker: Cindy Kozerow

While churches strategize to share the Gospel, minister to others, many do not consider the necessity of implementing a strategy for safety. This presentation will highlight target hardening measures to increase security, limit access and liability, and provide safety tips to reduce the opportunity for crime.

Church Security
Crisis Planning

Speaker: Cindy Kozerow

Addressing important considerations for crisis management planning, such as developing a safety team, allowing conceal carry firearms in the church, and an active shooter incident. These tips will help you develop the necessary plans to protect your congregations.

Discipleship/Small Group/Sunday School
Developing a Sunday School/Small Group Strategy or Culture in Your Church

Speaker: Dan Cook

It is not enough for your church to provide resources and tools for Sunday School and Small Groups, you need a Sunday School/Small Group culture. Learn how you can strategically make Sunday School and Small groups a vital part of your church’s DNA.

Crisis Communication
Helping Churches Deal with Crisis

Speaker: Brandon Pickett

Bless Every Home – Prayer, Care, Share, and Prepare to Win Your Neighbors to Christ

Speaker: David Wheeler

Learn how to equip church members to be lighthouses in their community. By utilizing the latest demographic tools and interactive website, you can be prompted on a daily basis to pray for, care for, share with and prepare a discipleship path for the families in your neighborhood. Also, discover tools that will help you reach them in all four areas.

Does My Church Need Revitalization?

Speaker: Rusty Small

How is my church involved in Revitalization? Can my church have the heart for helping revitalize another church? Learn practical ways churches can begin a revitalization initiative. Hear testimony from pastors who are taking their churches through this journey.

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