Annual Homecoming 2019
Annual Homecoming 2019

SBC of Virginia Annual Homecoming 2019






O.S. Hawkins


President / Chief Executive Officer
GuideStone Financial Resources

O.S. Hawkins is the president and chief executive officer of GuideStone Financial Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention. Prior to the beginning of his tenure at GuideStone in 1997, Hawkins served as senior pastor of the historic First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas and senior pastor of the First Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Hawkins is the author of more than 35 books. Hawkins and his wife, Susan, have two children and six grandchildren.

H.B. Charles


Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church, Jacksonville

Rev. H.B. Charles, Jr. is the pastor-teacher of Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. At the June 2017 Southern Baptist Convention, Charles was historically and unanimously elected as the first African-American president for the SBC Pastors’ Conference. Charles is a national speaker and the author of several books. Charles and his wife, Crystal, have three children.

Vance Pitman


Senior Pastor
Hope Church, Las Vegas

Vance Pitman is the senior pastor of Hope Church Las Vegas. As a seasoned church planter, commissioner of more than 50 churches in the western U.S., and a national mobilizer for the North American Mission Board, Pitman seeks to inspire people to join in God’s eternal, redemptive mission of making disciples and multiplying the church among every tribe, tongue, people, and nation. Pitman and his wife, Kristie, have four children and one granddaughter.

Ken Weathersby


Vice President for Convention Advancement
SBC Executive Committee

Dr. Ken Weathersby is the vice president for Convention Advancement at the SBC Executive Committee. Weathersby served in numerous roles at the North America Mission Board, New Orleans Baptist Seminary, and Tennessee Baptist Convention. Weathersby and his wife, Belva, have two children.

Ken Whitten


Senior Pastor
Idlewild Baptist Church, Tampa

Dr. Ken Whitten is the senior pastor of Idlewild Baptist Church in Lutz, Florida. Key highlights of Whitten’s 43 years of ministry include serving as the president of the Florida Baptist Convention, president of the SBC Pastors’ Conference, IMB Trustee, board member of the FCA National, board member of Guidestone, member of the Great Commission Task Force, and many other local to global SBC initiatives. Whitten and his wife, Ginny, have four children and 15 grandchildren.

Eric Thomas


Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Norfolk
President, SBC of Virginia

Dr. Thomas has been the pastor of First Norfolk since 2003. He is husband to Eydie and father to four daughters. He has a passion for preaching God’s Word and helping those who are far from God find new life in Christ.

Brian Autry


Executive Director
SBC of Virginia

Dr. Brian Autry is the Executive Director of the Southern Baptist Convention of Virginia (SBC of Virginia). He previously started Parkway Baptist Church in Moseley, Virginia in 2002 and served as senior pastor. Brian received his bachelor’s degree from James Madison University, his Master of Divinity degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and his Doctor of Ministry degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Brian and his wife, Jennifer, have three children, Melissa, Mark, and Jenna.


Charles Billingsley


Teaching Pastor
Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg

Charles Billingsley is the teaching pastor at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia. Launching his career more than two decades ago fronting GRAMMY®- nominated genre giants NewSong, Billingsley has since headlined more than 3,000 concerts and released 24 recordings as a solo artist. He regularly appears at such popular events as Women of Joy, Gridiron Men, and Celebrators, among numerous others. Charles and his wife, Shae, have two sons.

Don’t miss Charles Billingsley and LU Praise along with worship team and choir from First Baptist, Roanoke Monday evening!



6:15pm – Worship Begins

SBCV President: Eric Thomas
Executive Director’s Presentation
Brian Autry

7:30pm – Message: O.S. Hawkins

8:30pm – Dessert Reception(s)


9:00am – Worship Begins

9:10am – Welcome: Eric Thomas

9:15am – Breakout Seminar 1

10:30am – Breakout Seminar 2

11:45am – Fellowship Lunch(es)


1:20pm – Worship Begins

1:30pm – Welcome: Brian Autry

1:40pm – Message: Ken Weathersby

Business Session
Church Affiliation/Partnership Report
Nominating Committee Report

2:30pm – Executive Director’s and Stewardship Report/2020 Budget and Ministry Investment Plan

3:00pm – Break

3:40pm – Roundtable/Pastors Panel: Importance of Small Groups/Sunday School

4:05pm – Message: Ken Whitten

Great Commission Dinner
Danny Franks, Pastor (Guest Services), Summit Church
Discipleship Dinner
Allan Taylor, Director of Church Education, LifeWay
Women’s Ministry Dinner
Edyie Thomas, Dorris McFarland


6:45pm – Worship Begins

SBC of Virginia Strategic Missions Presentation and Executive Director’s Message
Brian Autry – Disciples Are Not Alone

7:40pm – Special Music: Charles Billingsley with LU Praise and First Baptist Roanoke Praise Team and Choir

8:00pmH.B. Charles

9:00pm – Dessert Reception(s)


Business Session
Vote on Ministry Investment Plan
Resolutions Committee Report

9:40am – Message: Vance Pitman

10:15am – Greet/Stretch

10:30am – Not Alone Segment

Business Session
Election of Officers

11:10am – Not Alone Segment

11:20am – Message: Eric Thomas

12:10pm – Thanks to Outgoing Officers, Introduction of 2020 Officers, and Benediction

Lunch Provided

Register for Homecoming today.

In addition to registering as a messenger or guest for the SBC of Virginia Annual Homecoming, you are also able to sign up for free lunches on Monday and Tuesday, as well as one of two dinners on Monday night (Women’s Ministry Dinner, Great Commission Dinner, or Discipleship Dinner). Childcare is provided for children ages four years and younger, but pre-registration is required. Seating is limited for all meals so please reserve your spot when you register online.



Sunday School as a Strategy
Sessions 1 & 2

Allan Taylor

Every church has a mission – the Great Commission. Jesus was very clear about that. But most churches have no strategy to accomplish the mission. Enter groups! Mission is best accomplished in the context of small groups. Come discover how you can use your groups to fulfill the mission!

Finishing Well: Leading and Serving with the End in Mind
Sessions 1 & 2

Chuck Lawless

Nobody finishes ministry well by accident. This breakout session takes a look at the strategies of church leaders who’ve finished well – and challenges all of us to make these commitments today.

Teaching Doctrine in Small Groups
Sessions 1 & 2

Keith & Amy Whitfield

Can teaching doctrine be done well in small groups, or is it just too difficult (and even dangerous) given how complex the discussions can be? Do you really want to turn your small group leaders loose, even your best and most biblically mature, to lead discussions on biblical themes and topics that are often times confusing and can even create division? For many, we suspect the tendency is to avoid doctrine in small groups and remain focused on practical points of application, because they are afraid bad theology will be taught or theological debate will dominate the discussion. However, for the sake of our faith, we believe teaching doctrine must be done in small groups–and can be done well–if leaders are trained on the purpose of doctrine, on the church’s basic beliefs, and on how to lead theological discussion.

Missional Small Groups
Session 1

George Siler & Jim Booth

Discover how a small group can be engaged in international missions through missionary care, awareness of the mission, and prayer for the nations. Also, learn about opportunities to go!

NextGen – Girls Are Not Alone
Sessions 1 & 2

Lexi Judy

What every church, youth pastor, and volunteer needs to know about discipling middle and high school girls.

Children – Transformational Discipleship
Session 1

Cindy Middaugh

Learn how to transform the children we teach, not just inform them.  Giving them tools they need to make good choices, build on their foundations and find their faith, becoming disciples of Jesus.

The Sermon Starts in the Parking Lot
Session 2

Danny Franks

Every Sunday is somebody’s first Sunday. How do you make sure your first-time guests feel welcomed, cared for, and expected to return? In this breakout, you’ll learn five practical steps to increase the “guest awareness culture” at your church.

Why Small Groups/Sunday School Are Important Vital!
Sessions 1 & 2

Dan Cook

Come learn why your small groups ministry/ Sunday school ministry is not simply an important ministry, that your church needs to pay attention to, but rather a vital ministry that will impact the health and growth of your church. You will learn from a practitioner who will share from practical experience the powerful impact that a healthy, missional small group ministry/ Sunday school ministry can have on your church.

The Foundation
Session 1

Eddie Urbine

The SBC of Virginia Foundation now offers loans for new construction, renovation and expansion, refinancing and any other church-related purpose up to $10 million. We also now offer two classes of investments to meet your specific objectives. Whether you’re seeking income or liquidity, our Kingdom-minded investment options are designed with your ministry in mind. When you invest with us, you support Southern Baptist causes at home and around the world. Learn more about our products and how we can help you reach your ministry goals.

Teaching Together
Session 1

Eric Thomas & Phillip Herring

Coaching for Results
Session 2

Josh Turner/Jamie Limato/Matt Gregory

Every church planter and pastor need a great coach to ensure they are not alone. But where do we start the process? A One-Day Coaching Map. Find out how you can start today.

Discipling Preschoolers, Is It Possible?
Session 2

Crystal Stratton

During our time together we are going to look at the spiritual foundations of preschool age children. We will also discuss ways in which we can disciple young minds and hearts to be followers of Jesus.

The Most Uncomfortable (but necessary) Breakout at Annual Homecoming
Sessions 1 & 2

Brandon Pickett & Rob Showers

You’ve heard the old advertisement, “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile”? Well, the current culture is a long way from what our fathers and mothers had to deal with. We now have to talk about best practices related to sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, child protection and even what to do with sex offenders that come to your church. These two back-to-back one-hour breakouts will give pastors and church leaders helpful tools for dealing with these potential difficult scenarios.

Women’s Ministry – Discipleship – What Now
Session 1

Maxine Porcher

Many women are engaged in Discipleship studies for spiritual growth. But is real transformation taking place? How would you know? In this session we will discover that the outgrowth of discipleship is evidenced when women reach out to their neighbors and communities.

Women’s Ministry – The Roles of Women in the Church
Session 2

Donna Paulk

Women play a valuable role in the church. Understanding our role glorifies God and supports the mission of the church.


Meals are provided free to messengers and guests! (Registration required)


The Surprising Secret of a Healthy Group Life. Building “not alone” disciples takes effort. At this dinner you will learn that the secret weapon of assimilating people into your church and building small groups isn’t much of a secret…and the answer may be right under your nose!


Disciples are NOT Alone. This faith journey is not a solo trip. We need each other and small groups provide us with the much needed relationships.


Breaking Down the Dividing Walls. Creating cultures of unity.

Hotel Information

Hampton Inn & Suites

27 Church Avenue SE
Roanoke, Virginia 24011
Code: SBCV

Bless Every Home

Is your church reaching its community?

There is now an interactive mapping system available that will prompt church members with ways to Bless Every Home. Signing up to be a light is easy and it is FREE!

Learn how to sign up and get started at



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