Every local school has a nearby church.

Every local school needs community partners. Back to school season gives opportunity to seek and strengthen those relationships.  As we serve local partners, we reflect Christ to our community.


God’s indwelling spirit equips believers with power, love, and self-control over a spirit of fear.  (1 Timothy)

New norms and many unknowns characterize this upcoming school year. Ask God for His power to defeat fear, love others, and practice self-control amid challenging circumstances. Pray for parents, children, and school leaders.

A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him.  (Matthew 12)

Whether in the home, private, or public school, ask that the spirit of God which produces goodness, stir believers to walk in goodness among their school communities and relationships so that God may be praised.

Download a PowerPoint slide in either fullscreen or widescreen formats to use in prayer over the back to school season.

In Your Community

How can your church, small group or family bless your local school? 

Schools are still reeling from the effects of Covid-19.  Many students will be behind grade level standards due to substantial time out of the classroom.  The summer gap adds to learning loss – especially for the vulnerable.  The local church has the capacity to make a difference – be it through supply collection, teacher encouragement, or volunteerism.  How can your church bless your local school neighbor?

In the SBCV

Literacy help is a highly beneficial way to serve local schools and students. SBCV partner, Send Relief, developed a sight word coaching system called “Arise2Read.” This program is an easy on ramp that any volunteer can do with a child.  To learn more, visit arise2read.org.  There are many ways to help with literacy – work with school leadership to develop a volunteer plan.


Brad Russell

Mobilization Strategist



Mindy McCord

Administrative Coordinator for Church Planting and Mobilization