COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response Resources
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response Resources

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Virginia Forward: Phase Three Guidelines

Guidelines from Governor Northam for phase three reopening.

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Northam Religious Service Guidelines

Governor Northam has provided mandatory guidelines and best practices for churches as they reopen facilities.

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Church Campus Reopening Conversation Guide

The SBC of Virginia has compiled “a practical conversation guide” to support and assist your local church in reopening its campus.

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Printable Signs for Reopening Church Campuses

The SBC of Virginia has designed color and black and white signs that you can download and print to use throughout your church facility during reopening.

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Regional/Statewide Zoom Calls

During the time of social distancing, the SBC of Virginia is offering several opportunities for networking and getting equipped, including regional and statewide calls. Session speakers include Hershael York, Kevin Ezell, Paul Chitwood, Thom Rainer and more.

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Updated! Not Alone Stories

God is moving in the midst of COVID-19. We are hearing so many creative ways that churches are ministering around the SBCV. Check out this webpage for our “Not Alone” stories that will offer hope and foster some ideas for you to implement in your ministry.

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Curbing Parental Anxiety Over Reopening Children’s Ministry

Families are both ready and apprehensive about the lifting of the quarantine. How will your church calm the fears of parents bringing their children back to church? SBCV Kids has developed these guidelines to help ease the minds of parents as they bring their children back to church.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — As churches begin to regather and eventually restart their children’s ministry during COVID-19, leaders should keep other unseen dangers in mind—like sex abuse. A LifeWay Research study found more than 1 in 10 Protestant pastors say someone on church staff has sexually harassed a congregation member at some point in the church’s […]
The apostle Paul led from a distance. His letters demonstrate deep affection for his readers, a longing to see them again, and his ongoing burden to lead well, even while apart.
Digital Youth Camp is designed for you, where you are when you want it!  So, whether you are still under ‘shelter in place’ orders or if you can meet in person as a group, camp can still happen!
We would all say that prayer is powerful and hopefully, we all want it to be a main focus in our churches, but I don’t think I really understood the power of prayer until I went to the mission field. During my ten years of service in South Asia, I learned a lot about the […]
For many, it may appear that any attempt to move a church through a process of revitalization is not possible at this time. However, several churches in Virginia are using this moment to continue to galvanize their church toward revitalization.
“The largest church one day will be the online church”.  These words came from Elmer Towns while I was sitting in a seminary class back in 2010.  While we wrestled with topics like communion, community and baptisms, it was hard for us to grasp just what that may look like.  I don’t think Dr. Towns […]

6 Considerations for Reopening Your Kids Ministry

Churches are beginning to discuss their plans to resume corporate worship, small group Bible studies and children’s ministries. After several weeks of isolation and distance ministry, the question has shifted suddenly from when we will get back together, to how we will get back together. How and when may look quite different from state to state, city to city, and church to church. Your plan to reconvene needs to take into consideration the official federal, state, and local guidelines for gathering in your area.

See LifeWay’s Guide

Help Your Church with LifeWay’s Church Assistance Package

While many church leaders are eager to resume in-person ministry as safer-at-home guidelines are eased, they are also continuing to feel the effects of the disruption caused by the coronavirus crisis. Churches are trying to make sure they’re able to keep going, even as they begin to imagine what ministry will look like in the months ahead.

LifeWay wants to help your church sustain ministry and support discipleship during this time. That’s why they created the Church Assistance Package.

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Guidance for churches and more information on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Virginia:

Interim Guidance: Community- and Faith- Based Organizations Considerations, Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

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COVID-19: Recommended Preventative Practices and FAQs for Faith-based and Community Leaders from the Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives

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COVID-19 in Virginia

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Online Service, Giving, and Outreach Resources

Protecting Your Zoom Calls from Trolls
From ABC 13 – WSET

Stop Your Zoom Call from Being Hacked

After Utah children ‘Zoom-bombed’ with porn during an elementary school meeting, here’s how to secure your Zoom meetings.

Secure Your Meetings

From the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Harden Your Zoom Settings to Protect Your Privacy and Avoid Trolls

Whether you are on Zoom for church staff meetings or your small groups are using it to meet, people have rushed to the video chat platform in the wake of COVID-19 stay-at-home orders — and journalists, researchers, and regulators have noticed its many security and privacy problems.

Learn Privacy Settings

Caring for Your Neighbors During Crisis

If there was ever a time we needed to pray for our neighbors and to offer them the hope of Jesus, it is now in the midst of this pandemic. Steve Bradshaw shares how the Bless Every Home tool can help you care for your neighbors while practicing social distancing. To access the resources he’s talking about, visit


The coupon code you can put on your website for your churches to receive 2 months of the Bless Partner Church is SBCVBEHPARTNER2M. This coupon can be applied up through July 31 and will give the church 2 months free from whatever date they submit the coupon, without having to put in a credit card.

We’ve created a customizable contact card to help you reach out to those nearby. Simply download the card, input your family’s contact information, print on your home printer, and pass out to your community.

Download COVID-19 Contact Card

Worship Resources for Your Church

Pre-Recorded Worship Sets

Hundreds of churches do not have worship staff and use tracks or videos for their worship sets. Now, it’s even more difficult with COVID-19 restrictions limiting in-person services.

That’s why Charles Billingsley and the worship team at Thomas Road Baptist Church have pre-recorded worship songs for churches who may need help with their online Sunday services and do not have worship teams.

If your church needs a worship leader to lead your congregation in their living rooms, consider this useful tool.

DISCLAIMER: We have received a number of questions regarding licensing. In order to broadcast these worship sets, churches will need a CCLI broadcast license. For more information on a CCLI license, visit

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Doxology Matters Podcast

The hosts at Doxology Matters Podcast desire to help Christians think deeply about God’s Word as we praise Him. This resource comes from Bethel Baptist Church, Yorktown and is for worship teams and leaders.

Listen to Episodes

Providing Online Resources

Providing Online Worship Services, Teaching, and Encouragement

Offer an online presence Sunday mornings, even if it is a brief teaching time. People need the spiritual encouragement. Also consider offering an online presence other times of the week (like Wednesday evenings) and also one or two other times a week. Consider offering On-Demand resources. People will need to fill the void with online content as people seek to fill extra time they now will have at home.

You can use social media platforms like Facebook or free church online platforms like Church Online Platform
How to Live Stream Your Worship Service Webinar

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Take Your Church Online in 24 Hours with Faithlife

This webinar covers everything to get your church online.

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If you need more assistance, please contact a regional catalyst or church planting strategist and they can work to answer your questions, connect you with a partner church that has capabilities, or connect you with our media team for assistance/guidance on filming and recording your sermon. For general questions regarding online giving, missionary care, family resources, legal concerns, or others, please email

Giving and Stewardship as a Church
Assistance Setting-Up Online Giving

We recommend that churches set up online giving (online, mobile app, give-by-text)

  • They should look and see if online giving is a part of the church management system. (this is a module in many systems, and you may be paying for it already)
  • The vendor will need a proof of 501-C-3 from the church. The SBCV can provide this for you. Please contact and ask for the 501-C-3 letter.
  • Some online giving platforms churches may want to consider:
    • Generosity by LifeWay – during this unique and challenging season brought on by COVID-19, Generosity by LifeWay is opening its digital giving platform to all churches immediately.
    • Easy Tithe – has specials and some free services to help churches now.
    • Faithlife – Take your church online in 24 hours. Watch the free webinar they provided to our churches.

Share in many ways, how people can give and make it easy. Including simple links in emails/Facebook/Twitter.

Assign someone older/non-techy members can call for help with giving online.

For some churches mailing a letter addressing needs and include a return envelope(s) for their gifts.

Churches should check their insurance polices to see if the have a rider for closure of the church. Please contact your insurance agency.

If you have additional questions, please contact our chief financial officer for assistance. Eddie Urbine at or

Keep casting vision for ministry and missions.

Share real life stories of ministry and missions and invitation to give online more than once a week.

Pastor Josh Daffern of Centreville Baptist shares his approach:

“Basically it’s a 60 second real-life story of a life being changed through the church ministry, and we make the connection that lives are being changed because people give. In this shutdown time, we’re expanding our giving moments to four times a week (online). We’ll continue to share one on Sunday mornings, and I’ll share one when I livestream our Wednesday night Bible studies (as well as providing our online giving link). Then twice a week, I’ll go live, preferably on location where we’re making a difference during this shutdown time. For instance, on Thursday I’m going to go live on Facebook outside of Deer Park Elementary School and share how they are providing meals for at risk kids and how we’ve partnered with them as a church. More than just asking for money, we need to provide them a compelling reason to give. We need to show how their continued support, even when church is “taking a break,” is changing lives.”

Free Training and Checklists to Help Your Church during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus):

MinistryGrid: Training Made Simple

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A Conversation with…GuideStone

David Spika, Chief Strategic Investment Officer at GuideStone Resources, joins Jonathan Howe of the SBC Executive Committee.

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Spiritual Care weblink that will connect people to a disaster relief chaplain and local pastor:

Disaster Relief Spiritual Care

Find Out More

Additional Resources for You and Your Church

Outreach During COVID-19 by David Wheeler

New Resource!

In the midst of COVID-19 and our current situation, we want to provide you with some ideas for Servant Evangelism. These are not the only things you can do but are good starting points and ideas. We can still serve people during this time and show them the love of Christ!

Download PDF

Help During Coronavirus Pandemic: Five Places Pastors Should Go

Help During Coronavirus Pandemic: Five Places Pastors Should Go

The COVID-19 pandemic, and its subsequent government-sanctioned quarantine, has caused significant challenges for our churches. In the months ahead, many churches can expect a considerable decrease in giving, resulting in large churches, small churches and church plants struggling to make ends meet. So where can pastors and church planters find help? Here are five places to consider amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Download PDF

Ministry During Pandemic: From Awareness to Implementation

Ministry During Pandemic: From Awareness to Implementation

“What do you know about pandemics? Some people do not believe it is a real threat. Others believe it will be Armageddon,” says Dr. Naomi Paget, B.C.C., B.C.E.T.S., a fellow at the National Center for Crisis Management. Dr. Paget is one of the primary authors of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Chaplaincy materials. She wrote Ministry During Pandemic: From Awareness to Implementation to help chaplains and ministers be aware and understand the threats, needs, and spiritual issues related to a pandemic.

Download PDF

What the CARES Act Means for Your Church

North American Mission Board

Link to the NAMB Webinar on CARES Act Thursday, April 2 at noon.

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GuideStone Financial Resources

Guidestone questions and answers about the CARES Act.

Access Q&A

Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)

Watch a recorded webinar on the CARES Act by the ECFA. You will need to register for a free account.

Watch Webinar

Download notes from the March 30, 2020 ECFA webinar on the CARES Act.

Download Outline

Do SBA-backed loans violate the separation of church and state?

by Russell Moore, president of The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

Over the past week, several pastors have asked me the same question: namely, is a church or ministry taking advantage of newly approved government-backed Small Business Administration (SBA) loans wrong to do so? Would such a church be now a government-funded enterprise? I do not think so, and here’s why.


LifeWay Kids at Home

LifeWay offers free at-home supplement for churches impacted by COVID-19:

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Using Facebook Groups

Ways to use Facebook groups to bridge the gap when social distancing:

Find Out More

Free Coloring Pages for Your Children

This website is home to 400+ original Bible coloring pages. They are all free to download and print in PDF format.

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Church Legal Update

With the ever evolving and changing situation with COVID-19, Reynolds Law Group has been receiving a lot of calls from churches asking questions.

Some of those questions include:

  1. Does our church have liability if we have services or events that do not comply with governmental advice regarding COVID-19.
  2. Our church was supposed to have our annual business meeting next week to elect new officers and directors, what do we do now?
  3. Does our insurance cover any of our lost revenue?
  4. Can we require our employees to work from home?
  5. Are there any limitations on what we can broadcast online?

They wanted to take a minute to share some of these questions and answer them for you.

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COVID-19 News

This coming Thursday is the National Day of Prayer. In light of that, this post is dedicated as a prayer for you, the women of the SBC of Virginia, based upon Ephesians 1:15-23.
Quarantine. Lockdown. Unable to leave your apartment. Not exactly the ideal recipe for large-scale gospel sharing in difficult-to-reach Spain, where less than 0.5 of 1% of the population have a personal relationship with Christ. Enter God into the equation, though, and we see how the power of the sung gospel on Easter morning poured through […]
Many SBC of Virginia churches have jumped in to make face masks during this pandemic. As Virginia nears the time of our “peak” for COVID-19 cases, the need for facemasks will grow. Some hospitals and healthcare facilities are already running low on personal protective equipment (PPE) and the needs extend beyond health care as well. […]
The Southern Baptist Convention of Virginia (SBC of Virginia) was able to provide some much-needed resources and hope to medical facilities in the Lynchburg surrounding area. Nearly 3,700 masks and 100 hazmat suits were donated to Centra Health as doctors and nurses battle COVID-19.
As the coronavirus spread across the country and across North Carolina, Dwight Horrell decided to do something he’d never done before in his nearly 50 years of teaching Sunday School—take his class online.
Walking through the familiar halls of my home this evening, I was struck with recent memories of gatherings that had taken place just about a month ago. I pictured the events as if I were currently there in the room, reflecting on how naïve every one of us was. How could we have possibly known all that was about to happen?
International Mission Board senior leaders have directed IMB missionary personnel around the world to postpone hosting any ministry volunteer groups through June 30, leaders announced Wednesday, March 25. Consideration of missionaries hosting volunteer teams beyond June 30 will be reviewed on May 1, leaders reported. “We’re instructing our personnel to postpone all volunteer efforts at […]
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dolly Mink has a heart for women who are hurting. Years of experience in Christian leadership have given her a unique perspective and she is eager to share her observations insights, and words of encouragement all in a way that honors her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Dolly serves on the Women’s […]
Below please find a list of resources that can help you and women in your church as we all navigate COVID-19.
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