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First Baptist Church, Roanoke
First Baptist Church, Roanoke

321 Marshall Ave, SW Roanoke, VA 24016

October 8, 2022
October 8, 2022


New Volunteers & Re-Credentialing
Basic Training (Saturday)

This training provides an overview of everything required to be deployed with a Disaster Relief team, including, Biblical foundations, evangelism, organizational protocols, and working as a member of chainsaw team, flood recovery team, and feeding team. This training can be taken in 3 ways: 

  1. In-person at an SBCV local church
  2. Online for re-credentialing or for COVID-safety reasons
  3. This statewide Advanced DR Training.

Basic Training Registration

For Credentialed Volunteers
Advanced Training (Saturday)

In-person training will be conducted for lead cook, unit leader, and chainsaw operator. $15/person for materials and lunch. Click here for more information.

Advanced Training Registration

For Credentialed Volunteers
Chaplaincy Training (Saturday)

Being a volunteer chaplain to those who have experienced loss and pain is a rewarding ministry, but it can be very challenging because of the emotional and spiritual demands involved. In order to maintain a high standard of excellence while providing emotional and spiritual care and operate in accordance with expected standards of the disaster community, all SBCV DR volunteer chaplains will need to complete the following minimum training requirements:

  1. Spiritual Care Provider (2-hour course)
  2. Southern Baptist Chaplain Course (8-hour course)
  3. Assisting Individuals in Crisis Course (13-hour course)
  4. One Elective Course (Choose one)
  • Spiritual and Psychological First Aid (14-hour CISM course)
  • Emotional and Spiritual Care in Disasters (14-hour CISM course)

For a list of full requirements and other information on Chaplains, click here

Chaplain Training Registration

Unable to train in-person?

Register to get trained online
Online Training

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