Not Alone Stories
Not Alone Stories

We are hearing so many creative ways that churches are ministering around the SBCV. Look for these “Not Alone” stories on our website: As God continues to move mightily in your church and mission field, please don’t hesitate to let us know your story at

God is moving in the midst of COVID-19.

It is difficult to go to any public media source right now and not see something negative or devastating related to the coronavirus outbreak. We are living in truly unprecedented times. But, we are hearing so many creative ways that churches are ministering around the SBC of Virginia during this global pandemic. It’s offering hope to the community and spreading the Gospel right into family’s homes. We wanted to share those stories, ones we’ll call Not Alone Stories, with you to offer hope and foster some ideas for you to implement in your ministry.

As God continues to move mightily in your church and mission field, please don’t hesitate to let us know your story at

Not Alone with Paul Hardy | SBC of Virginia - vimeo Video

Interview with Pastor Paul Hardy

Iron Horse Fellowship, Chesapeake

God goes to great depths to show His love for us. Iron Horse Fellowship in Chesapeake uses that model of Jesus to meet people right where they are. Pastor Paul Hardy shares how God is at work in this motorcycle ministry, even during the crazy year we’re in.

Living Word Baptist Church Supports Pregnancy Center | SBC of Virginia - vimeo Video

Living Word Baptist Church Supports Pregnancy Center

Living Word Baptist Church, Forest

The Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center in Lynchburg, Virginia supports pregnant mothers and their families with resources to help them through this vulnerable time. But when the coronavirus slowed everything, help was hard to find. A new parenting class needed volunteers to counsel families. Living Word Baptist Church in Forest answered the call for help. Here’s their story on helping lead others to Jesus Christ and a challenge for your ministry to connect with your local pregnancy center.

Not Alone with Laquan Green | SBC of Virginia - vimeo Video

Interview with Church Planter Laquan Green

Church Planter, SBC of Virginia

Laquan Green knows the heartbeat of the Gloucester community. He grew up there. So, when God laid it on his heart for him to plant a church in his hometown, he said, “Yes!” Laquan shares with us what planting a new church looks like during this time and how so many Gospel partners are coming alongside this new plant to make it possible.

Not Alone with Jay Albritton | SBC of Virginia - vimeo Video

Interview with Pastor Jay Albritton

LifePoint Christian Fellowship, Chesapeake

Since summer camps were a no-go, LifePoint Christian Fellowship in Chesapeake came up with their own plan – Camp In. Church volunteers created a fun program in the community that provided a way to reach families they had not connected with in the past. LifePoint also recently continued a yearly tradition and took one of their services to the beach to baptize new believers. Here’s their story.

Not Alone with Chris Smith | SBC of Virginia - vimeo Video

Interview with Children’s Ministry Director Chris Smith

Crosslink Community Church, Harrisonburg

The season of social distancing made summer events challenging for everyone. Ministry leaders at Crosslink Community Church in Harrisonburg weren’t sure if they would have anything close to Vacation Bible School for children in neighboring communities.

However, God opened up opportunities. A SBC of Virginia intern worked with the church to develop a custom curriculum perfect for outdoors. Even thunderstorms could not stop the Gospel from penetrating young hearts. Twenty children and one teenager leader made the faithful decision to follow Jesus Christ. Watch this inspiring testimony from Children’s Ministry Director, Chris Smith.

McLean Bible Church Feeding Ministry | SBC of Virginia - vimeo Video

McLean Bible Church Feeding Ministry

McLean Bible Church, Vienna

Many communities surrounding McLean Bible Church in Vienna are open to receiving help and hearing the Gospel message. This is in part thanks to hundreds of volunteers who help prepare and deliver 10,000 meals every week. In this video, the church team shares how their small food pantry expanded very quickly into a well-oiled machine of a food ministry operating each day of the week.

Not Alone with Jared Huntley | SBC of Virginia - vimeo Video

Interview with Pastor Jared Huntley

Pillar Church, Washington, D.C.

Sharing the Gospel in our nation’s capitol can be a daunting task. Yet that has not slowed families at Pillar Church in Washington, D.C. from making it happen – even during the pandemic. Many who have heard the Good News are making decisions to follow Jesus Christ and getting baptized right there in the community. Pastor Jared Huntley shares all the excitement taking place and how you can pray for their needs.

Not Alone with Brian Edwards | SBC of Virginia - vimeo Video

Interview with Pastor Brian Edwards

Hope Church, Danville

Pastor Brian Edwards shares from his heart of how this season has been a humbling time. While leading his Hope Church family in Danville has proven to be challenging, God has also been faithful and very generous with an incredible gift! Watch how this multi-campus church finds blessings in so many areas.

Not Alone with Hershel Adams | SBC of Virginia - vimeo Video

Interview with Pastor Hershel Adams

Sonlight Church, Chesapeake

Sonlight Church in Chesapeake has been a portable church ever since they started almost 21 years ago. That means that they’ve had to make adjustments to their online presence to continue reach people with the Gospel during this season. One opportunity provided a church member with sharing their faith with an online gamer who then attended online church for the first time in their lives. After church, they were then led to Christ by Pastor Hershel Adams! Watch how God is on the move with this church family.

Not Alone with Grant Ethridge | SBC of Virginia - vimeo Video

Interview with Pastor Grant Ethridge

LiberyLive.Church, Hampton

It’s not about the church gathered but the church scattered. That truth really hit home to Pastor Grant Ethridge at LibertyLive.Church in Hampton this year. He had never, in more than 30 years of ministry, cancelled an in-person church service – even on snow days. But the coronavirus forced the church staff to change the normal routines – and that included daily duties. They found new ways to minister to their congregation. From hosting Facebook watch parties to giving out gift cards, lives are transforming to the Gospel message. Watch how this church took a tough situation and made a Kingdom impact – all while never cancelling church!

Not Alone with Leroy Davis | SBC of Virginia - vimeo Video

Interview with Pastor Leroy Davis

Hopeful Baptist Church, Montpelier

Every year, Hopeful Baptist Church makes a trip overseas to serve in missions. Since that option was not available this summer, church volunteers decided to serve a different mission field – the one in their own backyard! God opened many opportunities for the young and old to serve, share the Gospel, and see their neighbors accept God’s salvation. But the majority of folks who made that eternal decision might surprise you. Watch this encouraging story.

Not Alone with Bryan Smith | SBC of Virginia - vimeo Video

Interview with Pastor Bryan Smith

First Baptist Church, Roanoke

We all know that nothing stays the same. But many ministries have been faced with more change in a short time than just about any other time we can remember. First Roanoke is one of those having to adapt to change in real time and find new ways to share the story of God’s love. In addition to sharing God’s Word behind a pulpit, you can now find Pastor Bryan Smith preaching outside on a truck lift during one of their services! The congregation also developed ways to reach young families through a virtual Vacation Bible School and a video program called, First Kids in the Kitchen. Watch how God’s Word is going out in so many ways in this Not Alone story.

Not Alone with Rick Ragan | SBC of Virginia - vimeo Video

Interview with Pastor Rick Ragan

Forest Hill Baptist Church, Skippers

You may not have heard of Skippers, Virginia. But in the few short years that Pastor Rick Ragan has been at Forest Hill Baptist Church, they have seen many impacted with the Gospel. And Pastor Rick says coronavirus hasn’t slowed them down at all – in fact, they are seeing amazing things happen! From meeting budget every month to new choir to people being part of the morning service in an overflow room. This pastor and his team are being creative and learn new things to continue sharing God’s love and His Word. Check out how they’re making it happen.

Not Alone with Ron Jones | SBC of Virginia - vimeo Video

Interview with Pastor Ron Jones

Atlantic Shores Baptist Church, Virginia Beach

Atlantic Shores Baptist Church in Virginia Beach was right in the middle of a capital campaign when the coronavirus made its impact. Pastor Ron Jones and his staff worked together to develop best options for their congregation that ultimately built stronger relationships with one another. And the media team continues to grow and make an impact to help share the Gospel inside and outside the church walls. Pastor Jones shares their Not Alone story while remembering the timely words of Habakkuk.

Not Alone with Fred & Casey Weymouth | SBC of Virginia - vimeo Video

Interview with Fred and Casey Weymouth

The Fix Ministry

Fred and Casey Weymouth work together as a team to minister to the homeless and those struggling with addictions. This couple co-directs The Fix Ministry that provides the platform to be able to share God’s love through care, food, and shelter. And the Holy Spirit is leading people to Jesus. Here’s their story.

Not Alone with Daniel Gong | SBC of Virginia - vimeo Video

Interview with Pastor Daniel Gong

Aletheia Chinese Christian Church, Midlothian

Bivocational Pastor Daniel Gong has had challenges along his ministry journey. One of the most difficult was losing his first wife to cancer just a few years ago. But Pastor Gong shares how God gives him strength in leading his congregation at Aletheia Chinese Christian Church in Midlothian and his growing family to Jesus. Here’s his story.

Not Alone with Leslie Honig | SBC of Virginia - vimeo Video

Interview with Leslie Honig

Spotswood Baptist Church, Fredericksburg

COVID-19 made it easy to experience isolation, especially for young mothers. Leslie Honig, women’s ministry leader at Spotswood Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, shares how groups found ways to meet and disciple one another in a challenging time. Here’s their story.

Not Alone with Randy Hahn | SBC of Virginia - vimeo Video

Interview with Pastor Randy Hahn

The Heights Baptist Church, Colonial Heights

It’s common for pastors and church staff to start and manage community projects. But Pastor Randy Hahn at The Heights Baptist Church in Colonial Heights was humbled to find his congregation seeing needs and organizing ministry all over the area! Check out this inspirational story of how medical teams, police, and the community at large have been impacted by God’s love through His people.

Share your story with us.

As God continues to move mightily in your church and mission field, please don’t hesitate to let us know your story at

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