Not Alone Stories
Not Alone Stories

God is moving in the midst of COVID-19.

It is difficult to go to any public media source right now and not see something negative or devastating related to the coronavirus outbreak. We are living in truly unprecedented times. But, we are hearing so many creative ways that churches are ministering around the SBC of Virginia during this global pandemic. It’s offering hope to the community and spreading the Gospel right into family’s homes. We wanted to share those stories, ones we’ll call Not Alone Stories, with you to offer hope and foster some ideas for you to implement in your ministry.

As God continues to move mightily in your church and mission field, please don’t hesitate to let us know your story at

Interview with Pastor Stephen Day

Pinecrest Baptist Church, Portsmouth

Pinecrest Baptist Church in Portsmouth, Virginia has seen a lot of change throughout the years. Pastor Reggie Hester was leading that revitalization process before he was called home to be with the Lord in late 2020. Pastor Stephen Day, who grew up in the youth group of a church pastored by Hester, was later hired by Hester to be Pinecrest’s student pastor and says Hester was much more than a pastor. He was a mentor and very much like a father figure in his life. The body of Christ continues to move forward with the Gospel and honor Hester’s legacy along the way.

Interview with Pastor Charles Wilson

The Hill Church, Roanoke

In this Not Alone story, listen to how God led Charles Wilson and his family to Roanoke to plant The Hill Church from something as simple as stopping for ice cream! Pastor Wilson shares how the church is using love to bring the North West Roanoke community together in the midst of crime, poverty, and racial problems. And church for them is much more than a Sunday and Wednesday event – it’s a seven day a week ministry that will soon have a much anticipated community center.

Interview with Pastor Rob Spencer

Church United, Staunton

Rob Spencer is church planter and pastor at Church United in Staunton, Virginia. In this Not Alone story, Pastor Rob shares that they are struggling with what many young churches face – finding a place to meet! Church United was in downtown Staunton, then at the mall, and then they were forced out when the building was sold… literally putting them out on the street at Christmas. Now, they are mobile, meeting online and in small gatherings, but still surviving with the purpose to glorify God and proclaim the Gospel.

Interview with Pastor Colby Garman

Pillar Church of Dumfries

Pastor Colby Garman is the teaching pastor of Pillar Church of Dumfries, Virginia. This ministry is part of a network of churches with a mission to reach the ever-changing military community. Four of these churches are located in Virginia and five more in other places around the world. And they all started from this one church in Dumfries! Because the people and families that go to these churches are constantly on the move, leading and pastoring looks a little different. Listen to how God is molding leaders through this ministry who then become “instant missionaries.” You are not alone.

Interview with Pastor Steve Chromy

Mount Hermon Baptist Church, Danville

The coronavirus threw a curve ball to us all. One of the uncertainties it brought was the effect it could have on church budgets. While many braced for the worst, many others were pleasantly surprised how God not only met the budget, but exceeded it. Pastor Steve Chromy at Mount Hermon Baptist Church in Danville shares how their congregation used their abundance to help others. You are not alone.

Interview with Pastor Job Marquez

North Roanoke Baptist Church, Roanoke

Job Marquez witnessed firsthand how the Gospel changes lives with his own family. That imprint has given him the passion to reach others with this truth. Marquez leads the missions ministry at North Roanoke Baptist Church in Roanoke. In this Not Alone story, he shares how God is meeting needs and changing lives in his community and as far as Honduras and Puerto Rico.

Interview with Pastor Allen Roberts

Euclid Avenue Baptist Church, Bristol

Pastor Allen Roberts at Euclid Avenue Baptist Church in Bristol is leading ministry outward, not inward. Despite the challenges of the last year, church leaders led the charge to continue discipleship with church members and created a whole new ministry opportunity with the local school. Church members are seeing opportunities instead of challenges. Watch this Not Alone story. You are not alone.

Interview with Pastors Jimmy Acree and Michael Tuck

Bacon’s Castle Baptist Church, Surry

After missing the first Sunday service when state restrictions were put in place, Bacon’s Castle Baptist Church, located on the east side of Virginia in a small community called Surry, looked for new ways to continue discipling. With safety precautions, they started service meetings outside and implemented phone calls and face to face ministry opportunities. Pastors Jimmy Acree and Michael Tuck share how 2020 actually strengthened their ministry. You are not alone.

Interview with Raul Santamaria and Sergio Guardia

Hispanic Ministries

A network of Spanish-speaking churches across Virginia are working together to get the Good News of Jesus Christ to communities who do not have this hope. Raul Santamaria and Sergio Guardia share the personal impact of this work and the resources available to you through our SBC of Virginia churches. You are not alone.

Interview with Pastor Rob Pochek

First Baptist Church of Charlottesville on Park Street

Pastor Rob Pochek at First Baptist Church of Charlottesville on Park Street has seen his fair share of obstacles in ministry and community. In this Not Alone story, Pastor Rob shares how the worldwide virus has changed the ebb and flow for church attendance and how they’ve made adjustments. You are not alone.

Interview with Pastor Brandon Hembree

Impact Church, Centrevillw

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is an honor and duty we have as believers. And having the chance to do that near our nation’s capital provides an incredible opportunity. Pastor Brandon Hembree shares with Brandon Pickett how Impact Church in Centreville felt God leading to multiply and send a team to plant in Fredericksburg. Listen how the team is making an impact for the Lord along with the help of SBC of Virginia resources.

Interview with Pastor Danny Campbell

The Tabernacle, Danville

Like many other pastors, Pastor Danny Campbell at The Tabernacle in Danville had to work through a number of challenges in 2020. One of those solutions included the development of a new children’s program video series that got a lot of online traction. Brandon Pickett speaks with Pastor Campbell on how this church utilized their best resources for God’s Kingdom.

Interview with Pastor Ken Nienke

Fellowship Community Church, Salem

Pastor Ken Nienke at Fellowship Community Church in Salem helped plant this ministry 21 years ago. Leading as teaching pastor from day one and planting churches along the way, the Lord now is transitioning Nienke’s role as the ministry grows. Watch how even during the pandemic, God is at work in southwest Virginia.

Interview with Pastor Jared Burwell

Movement Church, Richmond

Not that long ago, Jared Burwell was working in Seattle. He had no idea God was preparing to send he and his wife to work in ministry in Virginia. That’s where we find Jared today, the sending director at Movement Church. He’s part of a church that is mobilizing people to places like the Middle East and Africa – even in the middle of a pandemic. Check out how God is planting His people from our SBC of Virginia church family.

Interview with Pastor James Taylor

Red Lane Baptist Church, Powhatan

Red Lane Baptist Church in Powhatan has experienced a transition and waves of growth over the last five years. This led the church to commit to a two-year stewardship campaign to improve the current facility and build new an office space. When the 2020 virus halted everything else, the campaign paused for a few weeks. Going on faith in an uncertain time, the congregation decided to continue the campaign once again. God is making new things happen. Watch this Not Alone story of how God doesn’t stop His mission in difficult times.

Interview with Pastor Brad Russell

Old Powhatan Baptist Church, Powhatan

Old Powhatan Baptist Church in Powhatan has been through a lot in the last 250 years of ministry. But the last nine months definitely looked different with moving worship services outside and postponing a capital campaign that started as soon as COVID-19 began. Pastor Brad Russell has not only led through those changes, but he continues to coordinate mission activities on the state level as the SBC of Virginia mobilizing strategist. In this Not Alone story, he shares how God is still on the throne and making ministry opportunities possible.

Interview with Pastor Jeff Noble

Northstar Church, Blacksburg

Some ministries have had it more difficult than others in 2020. Among the gathering restrictions, Northstar Church needed a new meeting location. Another SBC of Virginia church was quick to answer the call for help and go beyond just offering space. Hear from Northstar Church Pastor Jeff Noble on how God is working through His people.

Interview with Pastor Jesse Furey

Valley Bible Church, Radford

Valley Bible Church was planted in Radford just 10 years ago out of the campus ministry of Radford University. Since then, the congregation bought a building and is planting more churches and investing in future leaders. Executive Pastor Jesse Furey shares how God is doing amazing things through this church.

Interview with Pastor Tom Nestor

Fairmont Baptist Church, Boones Mill

Pastor Tom Nestor at Fairmont Baptist Church in Boones Mill has seen God on the move. In just a little more than a year since he became pastor of this church, Nestor has been a part of leading people to salvation in Jesus Christ. Some of those folks wanted to publicly make that known outside the church walls. Watch their Not Alone story.

Getting Ready for Christmas 2020

You know the old song… It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas will be here before you know it! But worship services and events will definitely look different for each church this year. In this Not Alone story, we caught up with a few worship leaders to talk through the planning process leading up to the celebration of the birth of our Savior.

Interview with Pastor Keith McMinn

Bethel Baptist Church, Yorktown

One of the many good things that came out of 2020 was new music ministry opportunities at Bethel Baptist Church in Yorktown. Worship Pastor Keith McMinn and his team invested time and created online resources to worship the Lord with a focus on doxology. Watch how this helped keep the church connected in difficult times.

Interview with Pastor Jamie McClanahan

Wayne Hills Baptist Church, Waynesboro

Senior Pastor Jamie McClanahan is in his second year of leadership at Wayne Hills Baptist Church in Waynesboro. These days haven’t been easy on anyone, but McClanahan takes joy in working alongside his associate pastor to carry the burden. Watch their Not Alone story of how revival is coming to Waynesboro.

Interview with Pastor Dave Velloney

River Oak Church, Chesapeake

River Oak Church in Chesapeake was recognized as one of the fastest growing congregations in the nation. But that’s not how their local community sees them. The church identified real hunger needs and a lack of resources with many families. The congregation joined together with money and time to feed 100 families each week. Watch how God is using their story for His glory.

Interview with Pastor Daniel Palmer

North Roanoke Baptist Church, Roanoke

Lead Pastor Daniel Palmer shares how God led him and his family to North Roanoke Baptist Church in Roanoke. And even among many challenges this year, God is still working through His people to lead others to His saving grace. Click below to watch their story of how adjusting ministry opportunities is making a difference.

Interview with Pastor Peter Hess

Christ Fellowship Church, Williamsburg

Some areas of Virginia are so populated that navigating church worship gatherings were very difficult with state restrictions in place. But Christ Fellowship Church in Williamsburg found a solution to keep the church meeting. Here’s Pastor Peter Hess with today’s Not Alone story.

Interview with Pastor Paul Hardy

Iron Horse Fellowship, Chesapeake

God goes to great depths to show His love for us. Iron Horse Fellowship in Chesapeake uses that model of Jesus to meet people right where they are. Pastor Paul Hardy shares how God is at work in this motorcycle ministry, even during the crazy year we’re in.

Living Word Baptist Church Supports Pregnancy Center

Living Word Baptist Church, Forest

The Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center in Lynchburg, Virginia supports pregnant mothers and their families with resources to help them through this vulnerable time. But when the coronavirus slowed everything, help was hard to find. A new parenting class needed volunteers to counsel families. Living Word Baptist Church in Forest answered the call for help. Here’s their story on helping lead others to Jesus Christ and a challenge for your ministry to connect with your local pregnancy center.

Interview with Church Planter Laquan Green

Church Planter, SBC of Virginia

Laquan Green knows the heartbeat of the Gloucester community. He grew up there. So, when God laid it on his heart for him to plant a church in his hometown, he said, “Yes!” Laquan shares with us what planting a new church looks like during this time and how so many Gospel partners are coming alongside this new plant to make it possible.

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As God continues to move mightily in your church and mission field, please don’t hesitate to let us know your story at

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