Partnership Missions
Partnership Missions

a process to Partnership missions:

» PRAY as a church about WHO and WHERE God is leading you to reach and continue praying.

» SIGN UP with the Acts 1:8 Network to engage with other SBCV churches serving among your people.

» CONTACT your SBCV Mobilization Team for resources and for partnership opportunities with other churches and missionaries.

» TRAINING at SBCV Affinity Summits and through individualized short term training modules for your church are essential to working in partnership with other churches and missionaries.

» PLAN your trip with the help of your SBCV Mobilization Team and IMB / NAMB missionaries and church planters.

» GO

Six Questions to ask
about partnership missions around the globe:

Six Questions to ask about partnership missions around the globe:

··· 1 ···

What people groups / affinities / nations have come to our community that my family and church can pray for and reach with the Gospel?

··· 2 ···

How much time will I spend praying for the nations and how will my community group / Sunday school class / church pray for the nations more in the coming year?

··· 3 ···

What global ministries of my church have room for people from other churches to serve and partner with us?

··· 4 ···

What churches in my community / region are serving around the globe that my church could partner with?

··· 5 ···

What resources do I (or my church) have that could be rerouted to reach the nations around the globe?

··· 6 ···

If God called me to go to the nations for 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, 1 career… would there be room in my life to obey?

Current and Active Partnerships

SBC of Virginia churches are already participating in several missions opportunities around the globe. You and your church can serve a vital role in partnering alongside and strengthening these ministries.



Network with other churches who are working and serving with similar strategies and passions. Partner by sharing resources and make an even greater Kingdom impact among the people the Lord has called you to reach.



If you would like to partner with other churches on mission trips, you can post and explore mission trip opportunities.



Short Term Mission team training, Boots on the Ground training…or just getting started in missions? The Mobilization Team is ready to assist you and your church.


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