Mark Custalow shares information about how to get involved and what resources are available for Church Planting.

About SBC of Virginia Church Planting

Throughout our state and nation's capital, there are more than six million lost and unreached people. We recognize that church planting is an effective means of reaching the lost, and we are committed to assisting our churches in their task of fulfilling the Great Commission, penetrating lostness through church planting.

The SBCV has been partnering with churches to plant churches since its beginning. It is a core value. To this end, your area SBCV church planting strategist is available to assist your church to plant other churches through a systematic approach, which has been proven to facilitate the planting of healthy, reproducing churches. We refer to this approach as the Church Planting Process.

The SBCV is preparing for a church planting movement and is calling out lay people and the vocationally called alike. Will you be a part of what God is doing?

The Church Planting Process

  • Area PROBEs
  • People Group Worldview Studies
  • Strategic Prayer
  • Church Planter Monitoring
  • Equipping for Church Planter Mentors
  • Church Planter Networks
  • Equipping for Sponsoring Churches
  • Annual Church Planter Assessments
  • Church Planter Enlistment
  • Church Plant Sponsor Enlistment
  • Church Planter Mentor Enlistment
  • Church Planting Mission Opportunities

Church Planting Resources

Church Planter Networks

Church Planter Networks are regional and statewide gatherings of church planters. They give planters a chance to meet for ongoing equipping, peer learning, prayer, encouragement, and celebration.

Sponsoring Church Networks

Sponsoring Church Networks provide fellowship, spiritual encouragement, and synergy, all tailored specifically to the challenges and opportunities faced by churches that sponsor church plants.

PLANT: Equipping Church Planting Teams

PLANT: Equipping Church Planting Teams is a dynamic, new training curriculum written especially for church planters by experienced church planters. PLANT is available for purchase online so that all can benefit on their church planting journey.

Church Planting Centers

Many communities are still not being pursued with the Gospel by any congregation. Some church leaders are addressing this need by establishing what have come to be known as church planting centers. Learn more from our website.

Communities of Hope

Communities of Hope is a resource to empower Christians to reach their lost friends and neighbors with the Gospel by starting evangelistic small groups outside of the church. You can download Communities of Hope resources from our website.

Mission Site Digests

Mission Site Digests are mapped, downloadable documents giving demographic profiles of the most unreached communities in Virginia. They’re a perfect springboard for targeting communities especially in need of a Gospel presence.

Church Planter Profiles

Church Planter Profiles help you get to know your SBC of Virginia church planters and discover ways in which you can assist them in planting churches.

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