Can Kids Think and Act Christianly in a Post-Christian World?

Breakout Leader: Landry Holmes

As believers, we know the answer is, “Yes!” However, are we giving preschoolers and elementary children the tools they need not only to think biblically but also to help shape culture? Let’s dive into the sobering reality of a post-Christian culture and discover how we can help kids think and act Christianly.


Discipleship at Church and in the Home

Breakout Leader: Landry Holmes/p>

Whose job is it to be the disciple makers of preschoolers, elementary children, preteens, and teenagers? In the biblical model, everyone is involved in the spiritual training of children: parents, extended family, religious leaders, and other members of the faith community. Let’s look at how families and churches today can be partners in the discipleship process.


Encouraging and Strengthening the Local Church

Breakout Leader: Kunming Su

In this breakout for the Chinese fellowship, we will discuss how to encourage and strengthen the local church.


Mobilizing the Local Church for Mission

Breakout Leader: Jeremy Sin

In this breakout for the Chinese fellowship, we will discuss how to mobilize the local church for mission.


Church Multiplication: A Blueprint to Making Disciples

Breakout Leader: Jamie Limato

Many church planters and pastors can articulate their desire to multiply but can’t really articulate a plan or a process for how they are going to discover, develop, and deploy church planters from within. Church multiplication means more people reached with the Gospel. This breakout will give you the first steps in developing an intentional process to move your church to multiplication.


Are You Ready? Practical Planning for Crisis Communication

Breakout Leader: Brandon Pickett

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were warned when a crisis is coming? But the truth is, there is no warning or heads up. That means many of us push any preparation to the back burner – especially when it comes to communication. This session lays out a step-by-step game plan for both internal and external communication that will get you started on the road to a crisis communication strategy.


Connecting the Local Church to Vulnerable Families Through Care Portal

Breakout Leader: Dave Fret

During this workshop we will unpack what it means to see James 1:27 realized in a contemporary setting. We will also begin to discuss what “widows and orphans” looks like in 2022 and beyond. We will address the need that vulnerable families have and how the Church through the resource of CarePortal can meet real families, in real time, that have real needs to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus, thus using the tangible need addressed to broker relationships and address the spiritual need.


Your Church and Foster Care: First and Next Steps

Breakout Leaders: Michelle Chitwood and Special Guests

God’s heart is for the vulnerable, lonely, and fatherless. The foster care system is full of children who are in need of the love of Christ. Your church can (and must) find a way to follow after God’s heart to serve, love, and rescue vulnerable children. Hear directly from Michelle Chitwood and special guests on the front lines of foster care work. Learn how your church can take the first step or the next step to turn the tide of this crisis with the love of Jesus.


The Most Effective Evangelism Strategy Ever!

Breakout Leader: Dave Earley

Discover the forgotten evangelism strategy Jesus commanded all of us to use.


Rebirthing Your Evangelism Vision

Breakout Leader: David Wheeler

Rediscover HARVEST principles that will help you focus on reaching the lost. Learn how to access and utilize such tools as Bless Every Home and Saturate USA.


Families Reaching Families

Breakout Leader: David Wheeler

Discover your family’s mission and mission field and how to utilize a tried and true tool called Family to Family.


Alcanzando la Comunidad Después de la Crisis (Reaching Our Community After the Crisis)

Breakout Leader: Felix Cabrera

Herramientas prácticas para liderar a través de la crisis y alcanzar efectivamente nuestra comunidad. (This breakout will offer practical tools to lead through the crises and effectively reach our community.)


Titus 2 MENtoring: An Intergenerational Discipleship Strategy

Breakout Leader: Mike Young

An untapped, undeployed army of seasoned men in our churches are looking for a meaningful way to make kingdom investments. Younger men are hungry for wisdom to address the challenges of life and leadership. We’ll walk you through a proven strategy to connect these men for iron sharpening discipleship.


Beyond the Big Event: Strategic Planning to Move Your Men from Events to Discipleship

Breakout Leader: Mike Young

Most churches can pull off events with some level of excellence. What they miss is capitalizing on the momentum created by these events to move men toward effective discipleship. We’ll outline a template to help you leverage your next event to catalyze true discipleship.


Me, My Friends, and the Missionary Task

Breakout Leader: Patrick Schwartz

The word “missional” can seem like yet another buzz word we use when exploring current trends in evangelism, disciple-making, and obeying the Great Commission. But what are the defining marks of what a missionary does? Is this explicit activity only reserved for those that cross oceans and cultures to make the Gospel known? What could it look like for the Gospel community that God has placed us in to live “on mission” together? Come explore these and other questions as we embrace God’s design for reaching the lost around us.


The Multi-Ethnic Church – Why you have to play a role

Breakout Leader: James Hobson

Join a study of Luke 15 across 3 continents and see why we need to be an earthly reflection of our heavenly reality; “a church of every tribe and tongue before the Lamb of God.” You do not want to miss this session as we take a deep dive into the orthodoxy of Scripture across multiple cultures. This session equips you with data-proven strategies and the biblical theology needed to embrace an “every tribe and tongue” mentality in our local church.


Calling Out the Called

Breakout Leader: Scott Pace

How do you identify, prepare, and equip students who are called to ministry leadership? In this session we’ll survey the current landscape, explore our responsibility to raise up the next generation of ministry leaders, and consider practical ways to invest in them.


Power of Prayer

Breakout Leader: Chuck Lawless

Prayer may be the most difficult spiritual discipline to develop. Many individuals wrestle with it, and many congregations give it only surface-level attention. The goal of this session is to provide simple, practical steps for believers and churches to grow in prayer.


Defining a New Direction

Breakout Leader: Bill Henard

Tragically, thousands of churches in the United States are shrinking, some closing their doors forever. The key to reversing these trends is for a local church to recognize where it is in the church life cycle and define a new direction. By creating a culture for change through revitalization, churches learn to identify their place within the life cycle and by embracing necessary processes, it can return to growth.


How Should I Organize My Small Group/Small Group Ministry for Success?

Breakout Leader: Dan Cook

Learn how organizing your small group and small group ministry can help you reach people, disciple believers, and develop leaders.


What is the Key Factor Between Small Group/Small Group Ministry Success and Failure?

Breakout Leader: Dan Cook

Learn why small groups/small group ministries may have the same goals, but some succeed and some fail.


Through Hot Fires & Deep Waters

Breakout Leader: Kristin Couch

Encouragement and hope for the pastor’s wife.


Practicing the Presence of God

Breakout Leader: Casey Weymouth

When life’s difficulties surround us, we need to remember God is with us.


Words Matter

Breakout Leader: Paul Randlett

Do you wonder why many people don’t seem to “get” worship? Me, too! Perhaps we’ve been teaching them to understand corporate worship wrongly. This session addresses how leaders inadvertently train their congregations to understand corporate worship that is disconnected from the biblical model.