Cooperative Program
Cooperative Program
Introduction to the Cooperative Program - vimeo Video

What is the Cooperative Program?

Together, our SBC of Virginia churches partner with more than 45,000 churches in the Southern Baptist Convention. That’s more than 16 million Southern Baptists across the country.


Cooperative Program

How your money is distributed.


Southern Baptist Convention


SBC of Virginia

Southern Baptist Convention - 51%

  • International Mission Board


  • North American Mission Board


  • Theological Education Ministries


  • Other SBC Ministries


  • Cooperative Program Resourcing


SBC of Virginia - 49%

  • Church Planting


  • Church Strengthening


  • Mobilizing & Communications


  • Ministry Support


  • Leadership & Convention Relations


Encourage giving through the Cooperative Program in your church with these inspiring promotional videos.

Pass the Plate (SBC of Virginia) - vimeo Video

Pass the Plate

From “Your Town” to “Any Town” —to “Anywhere in the World”— your generous giving through the Cooperative Program is transformed over and over again.

For Others | Cooperative Program | SBC of Virginia - vimeo Video

For Others

In this video, we see through the eyes of a child the amazing power of giving through the Cooperative Program.

More CP Videos

There’s an entire family of Cooperative Program promotional videos available from Innovative Faith Resources.

Sometimes we look at mission work and forget where it all begins. This video highlights in very poignant scenes how the turning point for missions very well may be when you give your tithes and offerings to your local church. Mission work truly begins when God's people are faithful to give to His work!

Empty Hands

Together We Are There - CP ending - vimeo Video

Together We Are

Do you ever feel like a 'lone ranger'? Trying to do ministry all by yourself? Well, you don't have to feel like that. When you give through the SBC Cooperative Program, you are working with thousands of other Southern Baptists to reach not only your neck of the woods, but the nation and the world for Christ. It takes a team to fulfill the Great Commission! Aren't you glad that when you find partners who have the same passion to share the love of Jesus... you also find that Together, we can do so much more than we can do alone.

Western CP

Think of the most impressive projects around the world that teams have accomplished. Even small teams can accomplish great things for God. But if we all join Him in His mission and for His purpose - Imagine what we could do... Together!

Numbers Matter

The first line really says it all, "I think most people just don't want to see it". But hunger is out there, everywhere. And it has no preference to race, gender, or age. Can you help? Can we help? That probably shouldn't be the question. The question should be, "When can you help". Together, we can make a difference because, "Together, We Are There". Perfect video to show when raising money for hunger relief funds!


This is a humorous take on the Cooperative Program by taking a look at how it is perceived by two different generations. Interesting how each looks at it but appreciates it at the same time! Clever writing, quick edits and some "one liners" make this video an instant classic.

Me & My CP

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