The Southern Baptist Convention

Since its organization in 1845 in Augusta, Georgia, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has grown to over 16 million members who worship in more than 42,000 churches in the United States. Southern Baptists sponsor about 5,000 home missionaries serving the United States, Canada, Guam and the Caribbean, as well as sponsoring more than 5,000 foreign missionaries in 153 nations of the world.

The term Southern Baptist Convention refers to both the denomination and its annual meeting. Working through 1,200 local associations and 41 state conventions and fellowships, Southern Baptists share a common bond of basic Biblical beliefs (The Baptist Faith and Message) and a commitment to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world.

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International Mission Board

The International Mission Board (IMB) is an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest evangelical denomination, claiming more than 40,000 churches with nearly 16 million members. The board’s main objective is presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to lead individuals to saving faith in Him and result in church-planting movements among all the peoples of the world.

God is using Southern Baptists to carry the light of Jesus to people groups in spiritual darkness across the globe. Your gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering help to dispel that darkness so that all peoples may know Him. The SBC of Virginia currently partners with IMB missionaries in South America, Asia, and Africa. Visit our Partnership Missions page to learn about how you can work hand-in-hand with God’s people around the globe.

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North American Mission Board

The North American Mission Board (NAMB) is the domestic missions agency of the Southern Baptist Convention. NAMB’s defined mission is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, start New Testament congregations, minister to persons in the name of Christ, and assist churches in the United States, Canada and U.S. territories in effectively performing these functions. Specifically, they do this by focusing on six major objectives: sharing Christ, starting churches, volunteering in missions, sending missionaries, impacting the culture, and equipping leaders.

To carry out these objectives, NAMB is supported by your Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. By partnering with NAMB, the SBCV and the local church are better able to reach their Judea and Samaria for Christ. Churches are encouraged to participate in volunteer mission opportunities with our North American missionaries.

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Lifeway Christian Resources

LifeWay is an extension of the SBC and produces material and curriculum. It is an invaluable resource for all churches and church leadership. LifeWay’s first assignment was the publication of Sunday school literature. More than a century later, LifeWay continues to provide that service, along with 10 other ministry assignments: Church ministries, ministries to college and university students, Christian schools and home school ministries, ministries to men and women, operation of conference centers and camps, publication of books and Bibles, operation of LifeWay Christian Stores, stewardship education, church architecture consultation and services, and capital fund raising.

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In addition to our national partners, the SBCV also works with a number of organizations that specialize in areas of purity, family, and men’s ministries.

ADF Church Alliance

ADF Church Alliance is a legal membership for churches, launched by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). In addition to advocating for religious freedom, ADF advocates for the sanctity of life, free speech, and marriage and family.


Braille Circulating Library

The Braille Circulating Library provides Christian literature to the blind and vision impaired. They also provide a limited amount of material to those who read print. If you are unable to find what you need on their website please give them a call at (804) 359-3743 or e-mail Among the multiple categories, there are approximately 1,600 braille books and 1,550 audio titles from which to choose.


The Family Foundation of Virginia

The Family Foundation of Virginia is a ministry partner of the SBC of Virginia. This strategic, non-profit partner affirms our shared biblical values and lobbies on behalf of churches, ministries, and families in the areas of religious liberty, life, and family values. Their stated mission is to empower families in Virginia by applying a biblical worldview and founding principles to culture and public policy.


Kids Outdoor Zone

Kids Outdoor Zone (KOZ) is an outdoor adventure ministry for boys. KOZ provides men of your church with training and curriculum to mentor boys using outdoor adventure. After training, the men plan monthly meetings/adventures with the boys based on the monthly curriculum provided. In an outdoor setting, boys are more attentive and can focus on the time with their KOZ leader and the gift of knowing Jesus.


Noble Warriors

Noble Warriors serves churches as they equip men to walk with Christ and lead well.


Proven Men

Proven Men has a passion to see men being set free from their sin and passionately pursuing Jesus in a personal relationship with Him. They desire to see this transformation and growth to happen within the walls of the local church! It’s all about men experiencing the power of the Gospel within their lives and struggles!