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Strong churches with a bold commitment to the Great Commission! Our vision for the SBC of Virginia can be stated in a simple sentence: Strong churches with a bold commitment to the Great Commission. Over 780 churches are united in seeking to grow stronger and to be boldly committed to the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. SBC of Virginia churches work together to strengthen churches and leaders, to plant churches, and to do the work of evangelism and missions as Christ’s ambassadors. SBC of Virginia churches are strong churches with a bold commitment to the Great Commission.

Strong Churches. The SBC of Virginia is a coalition of churches. Our cooperative partnership to advance the Gospel is only as effective as the strength of the churches that join together in the SBC of Virginia. As Ecclesiastes teaches, we are stronger as we work together. We are committed to strengthening the churches that comprise the SBC of Virginia.

Bold Commitment. More than ever, the need to reach our neighbors, the nations, and all generations is calling us to a bold commitment. The SBC of Virginia is a pacesetter in missions support and generosity. However, an even bolder commitment is required of us. The stewardship of your church’s missionary resources is our top priority. Each church’s bold commitment to the Cooperative Program partnership and Vision Virginia priorities is essential. I pray the Lord will lead our churches to an even bolder commitment of resources to reach our neighbors, the nations, and all generations.

The Great Commission. No committee or task force is required for us to know what our mission is as a coalition of churches. The Lord Jesus has called every Christian and every church to obey the Great Commission. We trust in the Lord’s promise to empower His people as we work together to fulfill Christ’s mission. We are His mission force, and this is our mission field!

Executive Director

Our Objectives


Throughout our state and nation’s capital, there are more than six million lost and unreached people. Church planting helps us reach those lost people in our communities and cities.

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No matter your ministry, we’re here to help. We provide training, resources, and best practices for all types of ministry in local churches.

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Our world needs the good news of Jesus. We network churches together to reach the nations in Virginia and to the ends of the earth.

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Churches are closing their doors every day. We’re here to help churches navigate these uncharted times and work with you to revitalize your church.


Advantages of a Gospel Partnership

The SBC of Virginia (SBCV) is a fellowship of Southern Baptist Convention churches cooperating to assist local congregations in their task of fulfilling the Great Commission as commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ. Find out more about our core values, ministry allocation, and the reasons why churches affiliate with the SBCV.

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What We Believe

The SBC of Virginia adheres to The Baptist Faith & Message (BFM) 2000, which is a summary of Baptist beliefs. You may download find an online version at sbc.net.

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Church Information & Partnership Form

If your church is interested in requesting partnership with the SBC of Virginia, you may download the form to fill out and email (churchengagementmobilization@sbcv.org) or you may fill out the form online.

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Regional Strategists

Regional Strategists are in the six regions of our state. They stand ready to assist you and your church. As part of the SBC of Virginia’s decentralized philosophy of ministry, our missionaries serve in the different regions around the state. Regional strategists assist established churches and church leaders in maintaining healthy and growing congregations.


Doing more together through the Cooperative Program

Together, our SBC of Virginia churches partner with more than 45,000 churches in the Southern Baptist Convention to spread the Gospel to the nations.


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