Bless Every Home
Bless Every Home

Blessing Your Neighbors During the Pandemic

Interview with Steve Bradshaw

Bless Every Home: Interview with Steve Bradshaw

Steve Bradshaw was interviewed by the Tampa Bay Area on Bless Every Home. Watch this interview and be encouraged that it is important to continue to care for your neighbors during the pandemic.

Care Resources

COVID-19 Neighborhood Contact Card

Bless Every Home is a resource that helps you know and care for your neighbors. We’ve created a customizable contact card to help you reach out to those nearby. Simply download the card, input your family’s contact information, print on your home printer, and pass out to your community.

Download COVID-19 Contact Card

Outreach During COVID-19 by David Wheeler

In the midst of COVID-19 and our current situation, we want to provide you with some ideas for Servant Evangelism. These are not the only things you can do but are good starting points and ideas. We can still serve people during this time and show them the love of Christ!

Download PDF

How to Be a Good Neighbor

We all want good neighbors, but it’s hard to know how to be the kind of neighbor our neighbors want. What makes a good neighbor? How can we become better ones?

Find Out More

25 Simple Ways to Be Missional in Your Neighborhood

It is often helpful to have practical ideas to start engaging the people around us. Most of the things on this list are normal, everyday things that many people are already doing. The hope is that we would do these things with Gospel intentionality.

Read List

Practical Applications of Servant Evangelism

This is a resource that lists multiple applications to do servant evangelism right in your community. Taken from Conspiracy of Kindness by Steven Sjogren and featured in Servant Evangelism Manual.

Download PDF

The SBC of Virginia is excited to introduce a brand new initiative that will help churches and plants reach their communities with the Gospel. Through an interactive website, church members will be given an opportunity to be lights in their neighborhood. By utilizing the latest demographic information, the church member will receive promptings on a daily basis to pray for 5 families by name. When reporting the activity on the website, the map will begin to shade the prayer coverage of the area. The strategy does not stop with Prayer however, it will resource members to ably Care for their neighbors, Share the Gospel with them and Disciple them for a life journey of faith.

Take the first step by encouraging and enlisting your church members to be lights in their neighborhoods.


Have questions on how to do this? See below for help.

Four Ways You Can Bless Every Home

Bless Every Home: Prayer

Being a light to your neighbors begins with prayer. When prompted, learn how to pray specifically for the families that you have adopted.

Bless Every Home: Care

Being a light to your neighbors includes caring for them. Learn how to naturally and intentionally care for families, especially during times of need.

Bless Every Home: Share

Being a light to your neighbors means sharing Jesus with them. Learn how to generate conversations that lead to a Gospel presentation.

Bless Every Home: Disciple

Being a light to your neighbors means that you will help them in their spiritual journey. Learn how to start and lead small group Bible studies in your community.

Resources to Help You Bless Every Home

Share Resources


Free Evangelism Tools

The hope of the gospel is the thread that weaves through every ministry you undertake. Because every story, ultimately, points to the story of Jesus.


Who’s Your One? Devotional Guide for Students

A 30-day devotional for students challenging them to reach out to others and share the Gospel.

Download PDF

3 Circles: Life Conversation Guide

Life change. It all begins with a conversation. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the most profound reality of life. But sharing it with someone can be as simple as three circles. Discover how you can share the gospel with anyone using the Life Conversation Guide, a companion resource to the new Life On Mission book.

Who’s Your One

Using an easy-to-implement guide and sermon prep tools from top-evangelical preachers, prioritize personal ownership of the Great Commission among the members of your church by challenging and encouraging them to pray for and reach out to one person who needs to hear the Gospel.

New! Download new resources with practical ideas on how you can identify your one and engage them in gospel conversations.

The Story

Share God’s story with everyone, everywhere through a short video.

Watch the story video in multiple languages.

The Story Training

The Story Apps


One Conversation

MY Hope with Billy Graham

Free Jesus Film DVDs

Disciple Resources


The Beginning: First Steps for New Disciples Workbook (5 Sessions)

The Beginning is an intentional Bible study for new disciples of Christ that can be used in one-on-one discipleship or small groups. It introduces the basic practices and elements of the faith, including the centrality of Christ, the crucial practice of prayer and Scripture reading, community, and what it means to be on mission for God. Exercises put weekly topics into practice, and meeting times work as well in one-on-one discipleship relationships as they do with typical small groups.

Communities of Hope (8-12 Weeks)

Communities of Hope is a resource for pastors and churches to empower committed Christians to reach their lost friends and neighbors with the Gospel. This happens through evangelistic small groups outside of the church.


Worship and Witness: Becoming a Great Commission Worshiper, David Wheeler and Vernon Whaley (6 Sessions)

Worship and Witness: Becoming a Great Commission Worshiper is a Bible study for all adults that is based on the B&H academic trade book The Great Commission to Worship: Biblical Principles for Worship-Based Evangelism. This study helps believers to cultivate a discipleship approach that embraces the values of worship and evangelism. The Great Commission to go and make disciples occurs naturally in the life of a believer who follows the Great Commandment to “love God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength” (Mark 12:28-34).

Have questions about setting up your account?

How to Register as a Light in Your Community
  1. Click on sign up today.
  2. Click sign up now.
  3. Create an account by entering your name and email address, also create a password.
  4. Go to your email inbox and find the email from Bless Every Home. Remember it may be in your junk or spam folder.
  6. The Bless Every Home Dashboard for your account will appear.
  7. Click Settings
  8. Choose the neighborhood size list: the number of homes you are willing to pray for.
  1. Enter your home address.
  2. Type in your church name and confirm the address.
  3. Choose your association. Scroll down and click the box next to SBC of Virginia.
  4. Check the days you would like to receive reminder emails.
  5. Make sure the SHOW AS A LIGHT and WELCOME NEW MOVERS boxes are checked.
  6. Once you have made your settings, click SAVE SETTINGS.
  7. Click on your name and address next to the Light icon to be taken back to the dashboard.

Still have questions? Please contact us at

How to Register as a Partner Church

(For designated church administrators only)

  1. Once you have registered as a light, click on VIEW MY ACCOUNT.
  2. Click on ADD NEW ROLE
  3. Click on ADD CHURCH
  4. Enter church name and confirm address.
  6. Estimate weekly attendance
  1. Scroll down and check the box by SBC of Virginia.
  2. Read and accept the terms and conditions
  3. Choose and buy a subscription
  4. SBC of Virginia churches receive their first month free – enter coupon code BLESSPARTNERSBCV
  5. Enter payment information
  6. Click subscribe

Once payment is processed you can click DASHBOARD button to begin managing your church’s lights.

Still have questions? Please contact us at



Watch this promotional video to learn the effectiveness of Bless Every Home.


Use this video at your church as an introduction to your church becoming a partner church.


Watch this video to hear more about Bless Every Home and how Dr. Rusty Small explains the process.


Download notes from Dr. Brian Autry’s four sermon Bless Every Home series.

Prayer Sermon
from Jeremiah 29


Care Sermon
from Matthew 9


Share Sermon
from Acts 18


Make Disciples Sermon
from Acts 9



Listen to these four sermon series from Dr. Jeff Ginn, senior pastor of Istrouma Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, LA.

Prayer Sermon


Care Sermon


Share Sermon


Make Disciples Sermon



These resources are here to aid you in sharing Bless Every Home with your church.

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