The transitional pastor ministry helps equip you to navigate the transitions and help prepare churches for their next pastor.

This free, online training certification is for pastors who are willing to assist churches during times of leadership transition. Because the training has been revised, certified transitional pastors could take advantage of this training as a refresher.

Steps to Complete the Course

  1. Fill out this online form (click here) to request access to the Transitional Pastor Training video course.
  2. After verifying that you are an SBCV member, you will receive the link to complete the video course at your own pace.
  3. Once you complete all of the sessions, you will fill out course completion form and to request a certificate.

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Course Contents

Session 1
The Transitional Period in the Life of a Church

Session 2:
Leading Through the Transitional Period

Session 3:
The Transitional Pastor

Session 4:
Skills of the Transitional Pastor

Session 5:
Process of Engagement and Covenant of Relationship

Session 6:
Preparing the Church Spiritually

Session 7:
Stage One
View the Church’s History Through the Eyes of Christ

Session 8:
Stage Two
Assess the Church’s Current Reality

Session 9:
A Church Model and Process

Session 10:
Stage Three
A Church Model and Process

Session 11:
Stage Four
Focus on Kingdom Results

Session 12:
Stage Five
Establish Church Practice

Session 13:
Stage Six
Refocus the Church Around Mission

Session 14:
Stage Seven
Find a Pastor to Lead in Fulfilling God’s Future for the Church

Session 15:
Stage Eight
Help the Pastor Get a Good Start

Session 16:
Overview of the Sequence of Process

Session 17:
Questions & Answers