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Global Cities Initiative

What is the Initiative?

The IMB has identified 75 strategic cities among its global affinities. These cities are gateways to multiple people groups, cultures, and religions. IMB missionaries and SBCV churches are committed to reaching people with the Gospel and strengthening local churches in these cities.  

Buenos Aires

With a metro population of 15 million people, Buenos Aires, Argentina plays and essential role in reaching all the nations and people of Latin America.  Work with our IMB team and local churches to make a Gospel impact.  

Contact Brad Russell about Buenos Aires →


With a metro population of 4 million people, Dakar, Senegal is an economic and cultural gateway to West Africa.  Work with our IMB team and local churches to see the Gospel spread among a predominately Muslim city through compassion ministries and church planting.  

Contact Brad Russell about Dakar→

North African & Middle Eastern Peoples


This is a mobilization effort to reach the 500,000 North African Muslims of Spain with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Work with our IMB missionaries through Gospel distribution, prayer, and our Community Center.

Contact Brad Russell about Spain →

Marseille, France

Thousands of North African and Middle Eastern immigrants come through Marseille every year.  Make a huge Gospel impact through project Northern Lights as you work alongside our missionaries and volunteers from the United States.  

Contact Allen James and David Edgell about  Marseille →

Washington, DC

Truly the nations have come to DC, and the number of North African & Middle Eastern peoples there is astounding. We have incredible opportunities to reach these peoples for Christ…and there are partners looking for more churches to engage.

Contact Matt Gregory about Washington, DC →

European Peoples


The nation of Lithuania has fewer than 1% evangelical Christians and has one of the highest suicide rates on the globe. Millennials have abandoned the state religion and become agnostic. They are raising their children without any knowledge of God. Lithuania needs the hope that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Contact Brent Hobbs about Lithuania →


The Iceland Project exists to glorify God through planting gospel-centered churches and the equipping of Christian leaders in Iceland.

Learn more about The Iceland Project →

American Peoples

Puerto Rico

In the wake of severe natural disasters and the pandemic, churches and families in Puerto Rico are rebuilding and God is on the move! Your church can partner for relief efforts and in supporting ongoing church planting and community outreach with SEND Puerto Rico.

Contact Brad Russell about Puerto Rico →


Rebuild Haiti has been active since the earthquake of 2010. Teams have made at least two trips per year to help meet physical needs and, more importantly, share the Gospel in a place of great lostness. Please consider being the hands and feet of Christ in this effort.

Contact Aubrey Ralph about Haiti →

South Asian Peoples

SBC of Virginia churches are partnering to train indigenous pastors in South Asia to reach some of the largest Unreached, Unengaged People Groups in Asia. Join in these training trips and help spread the Gospel in South Asia.

Contact Westly Yoder about South Asian Peoples →

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