Now Accepting Applications for 2024:
Spring Term
10-week period anytime between January 1 and April 30

Deadline: November 1
Decision: November 15

Summer Term
10-week period anytime between May 1 and August 30

Deadline: March 1
Decision: March 30

Fall Term
10-week period anytime between September 1 and December 31

Deadline: July 1
Decision: July 15


  • to strengthen local SBC of Virginia churches
  • to equip future leaders in ministry


  • Complete applications at the link above by the deadline under the term the church is seeking an intern.
  • The grant is a maximum amount of $1,500 (see church requirements).
  • Churches are eligible annually for an internship grant. Funding is available for one term per year, per church.
  • Funds are limited and will be distributed based on the priority of need and are not guaranteed.
  • Priority will be given to churches who give to Vision Virginia Mission Offering.
  • The grant can be used for an internship serving in any ministry of the local church.

Responsibilities of participating churches:

  • If accepted, the church is responsible for finding/interviewing/hiring their interns.
  • The church must provide a job description and regular oversight/mentorship of the intern.
  • The church is expected to pay $1,000 to the intern, in addition to the grant from the SBC of Virginia.
  • The church must provide lodging/host home for the intern.
  • The church must reimburse the intern for all ministry-related expenses, including mileage.

Looking for interns?

  • Look from within your own church – consider college students, young adults, or those with part-time jobs.
  • Seek referrals from local sister churches – see if they have one of the above with a heart for ministry.
The grant is made possible through contributions from SBCV churches to the annual Vision Virginia Missions Offering to help strengthen the local church and equip future leaders in ministry.

Students Seeking Internships

The SBC of Virginia encourages young people who are seeking experience to connect with ministries through an internship. An internship provides an opportunity for growth in experience.

The SBC of Virginia does not place interns, but we encourage you to check with your local church to see if an internship position is available. Perhaps your SBCV church would want to apply for an SBCV grant to help partially fund an internship.