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Investment Opportunities

Wise financial stewardship is essential to a growing ministry. Our experts can help you invest savings to multiply your resources.

At the SBC of Virginia Foundation, we grow your capital so you can grow the Kingdom of God. We offer two classes of investments to meet your specific objectives. Whether you’re seeking income or liquidity, our Kingdom-minded investment options are designed with your ministry in mind. When you invest with us, you support Southern Baptist causes at home and around the world. Learn more about our products and how we can help you reach your ministry goals.

Attractive Returns

We offer numerous investment opportunities featuring above-market interest rates. These investments outpace earnings from traditional savings accounts and CDs. Our adaptive financial solutions are tailored to meet your ministry’s needs. They include term deposits and daily savings account.

Demand & Term DEPOSIT Form

To select investment options, complete the Demand & Term Deposit Form below and email to foundation@sbcv.org.


SBCV Foundation: Term Deposit

Term Deposits

Earn attractive returns on fixed-rate investments while helping Southern Baptist ministries.

Term Deposit Investments are designed for clients seeking income. These assets are predominantly invested in the debt of Southern Baptist Churches and entities. By investing in these loans, you empower Christian ministries to build churches, community centers, playgrounds, and other venues that serve the Kingdom.

All interest rates are quoted as fixed annualized rates and are available for the following terms: Six Months, One Year, Two Years, and Five Years.

SBCV Foundation: Enhanced Cash Fund

Daily Savings Account

Generate income while maintaining liquidity — the perfect way to optimize cash holdings.

The Daily Savings Account is designed for short-term investors seeking liquidity. It’s a smart way to generate a return on idle cash while maintaining rapid access to church capital. This fund invests in the debt and cash equivalents of Southern Baptist entities, empowering them to finance important ministry activities and managed by registered investment experts.

Find Out Your Investment Options & Access Deposit Form

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At the SBC of Virginia Foundation, we help you build earthly assets that reap eternal rewards. Let us put your ministry savings to work.

Investment Rates Available to Churches & Ministries

Daily Savings Account
Six Months


One Year
Two Years
Five Years

Rates are as of 06/01/2024 and subject to change.   Please contact SBC of Virginia Foundation at 804-270-1848 or foundation@sbcv.org for more information.

Interest Terms and Early Withdrawal Penalties

Interest for Term Deposit Investments will be paid at maturity. Automatic renewal of Term Deposit Investments at the prevailing rate is assumed unless prior written notice is received. For a Term Deposit of 12 months or less, the early withdrawal penalty is three (3) months of interest. For a Term Deposit of 12 months or longer, the penalty is six (6) months of interest. Penalties shall be limited to accrued interest and shall not invade principal.

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