Mapping Center
Mapping Center

Only available to SBC of Virginia churches

The information in the Mapping Center is compiled from public information sources, public census data, and freely given information such as on warranty cards. No financial, credit card, income tax, or other private information is used or made available.

What is the Mapping Center used for?

It can focus on an area, zip code, or even an individual street to provide demographic information. This information can be used to identify the homes of unreached people groups in America in order to reach them with the Gospel. It can allow churches to better understand the people in their mission field in order to minister and share the gospel with them. This information can be used for mailings, prayer lists, door hangers, canvassing, mission field analysis, prayer walking, block parties, etc. 

What information is provided?

Individual information includes names of adults, age of children, education level, income bracket, household size, gender, and marital status. Address information such as street address, census block codes, type of residence, length of residence, own or rent, and census block groups. Ethnic information includes ethnic background, language spoken in the home, level of assimilation, and country of origin if Hispanic.

Who can use this data?

This information is only to be used by SBC of Virginia churches and ministries and only for ministry purposes.

How often is it updated?

The database is updated every three months though there could be a delay of a few months from when someone stats receiving mail and they show up in the database.

How much does it cost?

Because of our partnering church’s generous giving through the Cooperative Program, the SBC of Virginia is able to offer this free of charge to our churches.

How do I start?

To take advantage of this free resource, email for more information or call 804.270.1848 and ask for the Mapping Center. 

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