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MinistrySafe is the nation’s foremost leader in child sexual abuse prevention.

Where children are gathered for any purpose, the risk of sexual abuse exists. Working with children is a privilege, not a right. MinistrySafe provides a 5-Part Safety System to protect children and those who serve them in churches and child-serving organizations.

Why MinistrySafe?

As industry experts in child sexual abuse prevention, MinistrySafe attorneys have proficiency that members know and trust. Because their founders actually litigate child sexual abuse cases, their members are equipped with cutting-edge data from acknowledged experts.

Members have access to legal advice at a reduced member rate: they stand ready to help ministries navigate thorny issues encountered in ministry environments.

What's the cost?


for annual membership: access to the Control Panel, including all sample forms, policies, and system automation.


per trainee for online Skillful Screening Training


per trainee for online Sexual Abuse Awareness Training

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5 Part Safety System

1. Awareness Training

We cannot reduce a risk that we don’t understand. Providing employees and volunteers with facts needed to recognize the offender’s ‘grooming process.’

2. Skillful Screening

Keeping the wolf out of the sheep pen. Utilizing questions meant to elicit a high-risk response, and training employees to recognize high-risk behaviors.

3. Policies and Procedures

Policies are what you do, not what you say you do. Tailored policies must fit the specific programmatic needs of your ministry.

4. Background Checks

Criminal background checks are no silver bullet. 90% of offenders will never encounter the criminal justice system.

5. Monitoring and Oversight

Ensuring ongoing Safety System compliance through the Control Panel’s simple and efficient automation.

The American church is facing an abuse crisis

The Southern Baptist Convention has made a unified call to action on the issue of sexual misconduct among our churches. The SBC of Virginia encourages your church to take seriously these challenges and make available these resources and training opportunities.


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