January 12-13
Friday – Saturday

London Bridge Baptist Church
Virginia Beach


Ryan Fontenot

Lead Communicator

R.A.G.E. Ministries

Ryan is a modern-day evangelist, spreading the good news of God’s love with unwavering passion. His message resonates with this generation through his unique gift for biblical preaching – imparting timeless truths in accessible and meaningful ways that are applicable in everyday life.

Liberty Worship Collective


The Liberty Worship Collective exists as a community of next-generation worship leaders passionately committed to resourcing the Church with songs and media that deepen Its understanding and reverence for Christ. Compiled every year from musicians and leaders all across the world, individuals invited into membership with the Liberty Worship Collective are entrusted to serve as leaders for the largest current weekly gathering of Christian young people; Liberty University’s Convocation.


Hip Hop Artist

Tedashii has been separating himself from the pack for the better part of a decade. With a slew of studio albums and EP’s to his name—including the masterful Below Paradise which debuted at No. 17 on the Billboard 200 albums chart—the Texas-born and bred rapper remains a force. His most recent release, 2016’s This Time Around, was an emotional journey comprised of celebratory records juxtaposed with stories of pain, hope, and overcoming tragedy. But it’s a new day. And with that, comes new purpose.

Inspired by the pointed declaration of Luke 9:62, which states, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and turns back is fit for the kingdom of God,” the rapper is charged up anew. It’s no secret that our current social and political moment calls for more action and less empty jargon. Tedashii adopted a new ethos that reflects his clear commitment to making an impact despite the unpredictability of our cultural climate: Never Fold. Tedashii’s devotion is encapsulated in these simple albeit heavy words.

What exactly does Never Fold mean? On the surface, it centers on not giving up; it’s about maintaining and moving forward regardless of the tension and any opposition we might face. But in the light of Luke’s stern command, it’s much deeper and requires greater examination. “I understand pain firsthand,” Tedashii says. “For me, Never Fold is about celebrating life in the midst of adversity. It’s a reminder to not succumb to the pressures of life when in the end, it’s what makes diamonds of us all.”

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Register by December 12 to attend YEC for only $29. After that, registration is $39 per person.


Friday Evening

6:15 PM • Registration Opens
6:55 PM • Worship Center Doors Open
7:15 PM • Session 1
9:30 PM • Dismiss

Saturday Morning

9:00 AM • Registration Opens
9:10 AM • Worship Center Doors Open
9:30 AM • Session 2
11:15 AM • Lunch
(Churches are responsible for lunch.)

Saturday Afternoon

12:45 PM • Worship Center Doors Open
1:10 PM • Tedashii Concert
2:30 PM • Break
2:45 PM • Session 3
4:00 PM • Dismiss


Courtyard Virginia Beach Oceanfront

2501 Atlantic Ave.
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451

$124 per night through Dec. 12


Comfort Suites

2321 Atlantic Ave.
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451

$84 per night through Jan. 4


Springhill Suites Oceanfront

901 Atlantic Ave.
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451

$129 per night through Dec. 13


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