Hunger & Literacy

SBC of Virginia churches are fighting hunger and impacting children and families through literacy. Have your church hold its very own fight hunger emphasis, or learn more about a simple program your church can use in local elementary schools to impact children and families.

Hunger  Literacy

ESL Ministry

Tutoring as Missions

Refugees and Internationals

Reach the world right here. God has brought “every tribe, tongue, and nation” to the doorstep of SBC of Virginia churches. Today, we have a unique opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission and “make disciples of all nations” by reaching our non-English-speaking neighbors through English as a Second Language (ESL) ministries.

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Foster Care

Children in the foster care system are among some of the most vulnerable in the world. Equip your church to support families on their growth journeys.

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Pregnancy Resource Centers

Partner with dedicated pregnancy resource centers that help men and women faced with unplanned pregnancy. To see a list of centers in Virginia, download the list below.

Virginia Centers

Fight Human Trafficking

Victims of human trafficking are just like you. They are daughters and sons. They are in your community and around the world. Send Relief is here to help you and your church fight for freedom—both physical and spiritual. Download a prayer guide to take with you as you travel.

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Missions starts in your community.

Network with other churches through compassion ministries.


Questions to ask about...

Loving your neighbors through compassion ministries
  1. If I could identify the greatest needs of my neighbors, what would they be and what resources do my church and I have to meet those needs?
  2. How much room is there in my budget, time, and home life to serve others? How can I make more of a margin for showing love to my neighbors? What needs to change?
  3. What fears keep me from engaging with my neighbors in need and will I ask God to help me overcome those fears?
  4. What churches and organizations are meeting needs in my community, and how can I, along with my church, engage and partner in that work?
  5. How can my small group/Sunday School class/church look to the needs of others and meet those needs with Gospel love?
  6. What is one need I can meet for someone this week?
Reaching the nations in Virginia and DC
  1. What nations are my church prayerfully trying to reach around the globe and are they present in Virginia and Washington, DC?
  2. What nations / people groups are present in my community at restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, markets, work, and school?
  3. Is my home / our church a place that would be welcoming to people from other nations?
  4. What is keeping me from serving my international neighbor and reaching them with the Gospel?
  5. What resources, space, or time do I (or my church) have that could be rerouted to reach the nations in my community, Virginia, and Washington, DC?
  6. If God is bringing the nations to my community and state, will I obey His call to love my neighbor and to proclaim His Gospel?

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