Ready Church
Ready Church

What is Ready Church?

A church that commits to respond to crisis needs in its community with an equal commitment to sharing the Gospel is a Ready Church. The commitment is the critical ingredient–not resources, buildings, or talents.

What is a crisis?

An event or situation that causes human suffering or creates human needs that those impacted cannot alleviate without assistance.

GO Team

A group of people at the local church who have committed to respond in times of need in their local community under the direction of the church. There is no prescribed training required, and the minimum age of those responding is determined by the church. The team members respond to the crisis or event wearing the church’s name and logo.

Disaster Relief

Church volunteers who join others from SBC of Virginia churches who are prepared to respond across the state and around the nation. This type of volunteer is required to attend a one-day training event, have a background check, and participate in re-credentialing every three years. This team member responds under the direction of the state Disaster Relief director and wears the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) gold shirt, hat, and logo. An SBDR volunteer must be at least 18 years old.


Baptist Global Response

Volunteers who have SBDR credentials and the ability to respond in cross-cultural situations without the luxuries often found in disaster responses in the United States. These volunteers must attend a three-day Baptist Global Response (BGR) training event. They are dispatched by the state Disaster Relief director but are under the control and direction of BGR directors. Each particular event determines the labeling for the event. At times, volunteers may be asked to respond wearing the SBDR gold shirt and logo, a BGR logo, or a non-descript “Community Foundation, Inc.” logo. BGR volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

Southern Baptist Disaster Rebuild

Church volunteers who join others from across the nation in responding to the rebuilding efforts after significant disasters. There is no training for this team. Call-outs for these volunteers are post online. Volunteers can expect to rebuild homes for those impacted by the crisis/event. They respond as directed under their church’s logo and name; SBDR logo and gold shirt; or some name developed just for the event. The age of the responders is determined by the locale, but for the most part, those 16 years and older are eligible.


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