DR Training Promo | SBCV
DR Training Promo | SBCV

Get your credentials so you can respond on the front lines of a disaster.

The SBC of Virginia offers training to equip members of SBC of Virginia churches, so they are able to respond during times of disaster. Each training offers necessary instruction for volunteers to respond with other Southern Baptists around the world. The training is practical and allows one, 18 years and older, to serve with confidence. Because of our partnerships with FEMA, Salvation Army, Red Cross, IMB, NAMB and other SBC State Conventions, we have a credentialing process that allows us to respond.

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Steps on how to get your church to facilitate a Disaster Relief orientation training and links to start the process.

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Types of Training Available

New Volunteers & Re-Credentialing
Basic Training

This training provides an overview of everything required to be deployed with a Disaster Relief team, including, Biblical foundations, evangelism, organizational protocols, and working as a member of chainsaw team, flood recovery team, and feeding team. This training can be taken in 3 ways: 

  1. In-person at an SBCV local church
  2. Online for new volunteers and those re-credentialing
  3. Saturday portion of a statewide Advanced DR Training Weekend

If the Basic Training is held during a DR Training Weekend, you are invited to stay overnight on Friday evening at the host church if you need accommodations and/or would like take part in a mock deployment.

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For Credentialed Volunteers
Advanced Training

In-person training will be conducted for lead cook, unit leader, and chainsaw operator. This is a two-day event, Friday evening through Saturday afternoon with the exception of the Incident Command Team (IMT) which will need to attend all day Friday and Saturday. Overnight stay at location required. $30/person for materials and meals. Click here for more information.


For Credentialed Volunteers
Chaplaincy Training

Being a volunteer chaplain to those who have experienced loss and pain is a rewarding ministry, but it can be very challenging because of the emotional and spiritual demands involved. In order to maintain a high standard of excellence while providing emotional and spiritual care and operate in accordance with expected standards of the disaster community, all SBCV DR volunteer chaplains will need to complete the minimum training requirements.

If the Basic Chaplain course is held during the DR Training weekend, the host church will provide overnight accommodations for the SBDR Basic Chaplain Trainings which will give you a feel for ministering during deployment.


Tiers of Volunteers in Virginia

Tier One

Untrained volunteers that are able to respond with their church to needs in their community. Churches are encouraged to develop a response plan to best use their members in an effective and safe manner. Ready Church consultants are available to assist a church in developing a plan. Email disasterrelief@sbcv.org for more details.

Tier Two

Credentialed volunteers that have completed Disaster Relief training. These are the yellow shirts.

Tier Three

Volunteers that have completed the Disaster Relief training plus unit-specific trainings, advanced chainsaw training, unit leader training or other advanced trainings. These are yellow shirts or blue caps who are assigned roles such as unit leader, lead cook and other positions of leadership.

Tier Four

Tier Three Volunteers that have International Disaster Relief training.



Full Disaster Relief Credentialing


Training Materials | DR Cap | DR T-Shirt | DR Identification Card
Criminal Background Screening (Required for DR Service)


Disaster Relief Re-credentialing


Training Materials | DR Identification Card | DR Background Screening

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Disaster Relief Staff

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Shawn Ames

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Kimberly McDaniel

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