Training for Disaster Relief
Training for Disaster Relief

SBC of Virginia Disaster Relief Training

About Disaster Relief Orientation

The SBC of Virginia offers training to equip members of SBC of Virginia churches, so they are able to respond during times of disaster. Each training offers necessary instruction for volunteers to respond with other Southern Baptists around the world during times of disaster and crisis. The training is practical and allows one, 18 years and older, to serve with confidence. Because of our partnerships with FEMA, Salvation Army, Red Cross, IMB, NAMB and other SBC State Conventions, we have a credentialing process that allows us to respond on the front lines of a disaster.

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All Disaster Relief Orientation and credentialing will be conducted in small groups facilitated by the local church using online training. Advanced training such as chainsaw operator, lead cook, unit leader or chaplain will be conducted in a classroom setting. Rather than SBCV conducting 8 or 9 trainings per year, there could be an unlimited number of churches that conduct trainings.

Featured Resources

The SBC of Virginia Disaster Relief Team has many resources to aid you in being prepared to respond to disasters.

Training Manual
What to Bring


Coronavirus Response and Resources

The SBC of Virginia has compiled resources for online giving, live streaming, and other resources to help your church with the coronavirus.


Structure: Four Tiers of Volunteers in Virginia

Tier One

Untrained volunteers that are able to respond with their church to needs in their community. Churches are encouraged to develop a response plan to best use their members in an effective and safe manner. Ready Church consultants are available to assist a church in developing a plan. Email for more details.

Tier Two

Credentialed volunteers that have completed Disaster Relief Orientation. These are the Yellow Shirts.

Tier Three

Volunteers that have completed the Disaster Relief Orientation plus unit-specific trainings, Advance Chainsaw training, Unit Leader training or other advanced trainings. These are Yellow Shirts or Blue Caps who are assigned roles such as Unit Leader, Lead Cook and other positions of leadership.

Tier Four

Tier Three Volunteers that have International Disaster Relief training.



Full Disaster Relief Credentialing


Training Materials | DR Cap | DR T-Shirt | DR Identification Card
Criminal Background Screening (Required for DR Service)



Disaster Relief Re-credentialing


Training Materials | DR Identification Card | DR Background Screening

Instructions for “Disaster Relief Orientation” Training

The local church will facilitate orientation for as few as 5 (no maximum number) participants:

  • Registration for the local church: Registration Here
    • Once registration is complete, a link, class code and instructions for completing orientation, will be sent to the church. Additionally, the church will receive a link for each participant to register.
  • Each participant will register and pay for the training through a link provided to the church by SBCV DR.
  • All videos may be watched in one sitting or broken up over multiple sittings (such as one hour per week for three weeks).
  • The pastor will be responsible for ensuring that each person attends all sessions or, he may select a course administrator/facilitator who will administer the class and report upon completion.
  • Once complete, the pastor will send an email to attesting to completion by all participants.
  • Each participant will then receive an email with instructions for completing a background screening.
  • Each participant will receive instructions for submitting an appropriate photo for a Disaster Relief ID badge.
  • Once orientation and background screenings are complete, ID’s will be sent to each individual.
  • Completion certificates, shirts and hats will be sent to the church for each participant

The pastor does NOT have to attend training but may assign the role of facilitator to anyone of his choosing.

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