Christmas Backpacks Promo 2022 | SBCV
Christmas Backpacks Promo 2022 | SBCV

Why choose Christmas Backpacks?

There are many ministry options at Christmas – why choose SBCV Christmas Backpacks?

These gifts are given to children in need, but more than just a backpack is offered. The backpacks help create community outreach events to proclaim the Good News of Christ at Christmas. In supporting this work, you can be sure that your generosity helps prepare the soil to share Jesus with these families.

Testimonies from Receiving Ministries

“Two families came to faith in Jesus as a result of the generosity and gospel opportunity of our backpack outreach.” – Ayman L. – SBCV International Leader, Northern Virginia

“Every school aged child in our town was able to receive a backpack and hear that Jesus loves them. Thank you.” – Billy G. -SBCV Church Planter, Saltville

“Not only did we get to help underprivileged kids (I’m sure that the backpack is all some will get for Christmas) but more importantly we got to share Jesus with others who may not have ever heard about his love.” – Gary O. – SBCV Pastor, Haysi

How to Pack a Backpack

1. Buy a Backpack

You or your church can order backpacks in bulk (cases of 24) by clicking here. If you choose to buy backpacks individually, make sure they are full size (17 inch) and have zippers.

2. Choose a Backpack Color

Color should be based on the age/gender of the child you’re buying for:

  • Red – Elementary School Boy
  • Black/Gray – Middle School Boy
  • Green – Elementary School Girl
  • Blue – Middle School Girl

If you want to use a different color backpack, just attach a ribbon/string in the corresponding color for the appropriate age/gender.

3. Fill the Backpack

To ensure that children receive backpacks with equitable items, please maintain the following guidelines. All items need to be new and must fit in the zipped backpack.

4. Pray Over the Backpack

Pray for God to deliver the backpack into the hands of the child who needs this specific backpack. Ask the Lord to use this backpack to draw the child and his/her family to Himself (Matthew 9).

Backpack Supply List

  • 1 school supply pouch filled with sharpened #2 pencils, a small sharpener, a pack of colored pencils, ink pens, and a pack of crayons
  • 1 personal journal or coloring book (whichever is age appropriate)
  • 1 refillable water bottle (unfilled)
  • 1 gallon-size Ziploc bag with personal items (ex., toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, travel-sized soap, shampoo)
  • 1 gallon-size Ziploc bag with single-serve food items (ex., cheese crackers, squeeze applesauce, granola bars, animal crackers)
  • 1 quart-size Ziploc bag with candy treats (ex., Skittles, Smarties, lollipops (anything non-chocolate))
  • 1 set of winter gloves and hat
  • 1 pack of socks
  • 1 small non-electronic toy or stuffed animal (no toy guns or knives)
  • 1 age-appropriate Bible or spiritual book (recommended books for 8–14-year-olds)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the backpacks still going to Appalachia?

Yes, most of the backpacks are used in the Appalachian region of Virginia through local SBCV churches serving impoverished communities. Additionally, SBCV church plants may apply to receive backpacks for ministry use.

Why is the backpack content specific?

This is a best practice gained from learned experience. Having a general guideline for contents helps ensure that children receive equitable gifts.

Questions? Contact our team.

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